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OICB Broadcasting Schools Blog

What the FCC Has to Do with Television If you are interested in moving into a career in broadcasting, you need to know a bit about the FCC. Short for the Federal Communications Commission, this is the government entity that monitors all information broadcast over television and radio airways. While it is not used to prevent the distribution of ideas, regardless of what...
Education Choices: Technical Program or College? If you are looking at secondary education, you need to determine what kind of education is right for you. Now, many people are simply going to say you should go to college, because after all, that is what smart people do who want to work and make more money. However, that really is no longer...
Who Invented Radio? The history of legal debate over who actually deserves the credit for inventing the radio spans two centuries. To this day, there is animated debate in support of various theories. This review establishes that there was in fact, a concerted effort of intellectual and scientific minds that provided the learning and experimentation over a long...