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OICB Broadcasting Schools Blog

The Hottest Jobs in Broadcast Media Broadcasting is a rapidly growing industry that is constantly changing. As a result, careers in broadcasting can be unique, exciting and rewarding. As with all forms of business, broadcasters seek to recruit qualified personnel who are willing to learn and grow with the changes in the industry. Each radio or television station has a unique...
Successful Networking in Your Broadcast Media Career To increase your job opportunities and improve your chances of landing the right one, you need to do more than just obtain an excellent broadcast media training. Networking can be the difference between landing the perfect job and not even knowing such an opening exists. Networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so knowing how to go...
What the FCC Has to Do with Television If you are interested in moving into a career in broadcasting, you need to know a bit about the FCC. Short for the Federal Communications Commission, this is the government entity that monitors all information broadcast over television and radio airways. While it is not used to prevent the distribution of ideas, regardless of what...