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OICB Broadcasting Schools Blog

Who Invented Radio? The history of legal debate over who actually deserves the credit for inventing the radio spans two centuries. To this day, there is animated debate in support of various theories. This review establishes that there was in fact, a concerted effort of intellectual and scientific minds that provided the learning and experimentation over a long...
Radio Remains Popular Broadcast radio is still a popular choice in the average household. A week cannot go by without someone in your family turning on the radio. You would think with the widespread use of the Internet; digital media would cause broadcast radio to experience a lack of listeners. Despite the strong popularity of the digital media...
Why Production Assistants are Important If you are interested in working in the television and film industry, chances are you’re first job in the industry will be as a Production Assistant, or PA. This is a stepping stone job and a great way to get your foot in the door. So, if you’re looking at studying broadcast, radio, or another...