10 Online Resources for Video Editors

10 Online Resources for Video Editors

Today’s modern technology is helping video editors do the best work they’ve ever done and the prospects look bright for further improvements in the future. You may be aware of the many different resources available to make use of as a video editor… or you may not be aware of them.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of 10 terrific online resources for video editing.

Free Video Resources

  1. Pexels Videos: offers free to use videos ranging from several different categories including technology, people, nature, time lapses, and more. These videos are entirely free to use for both personal and professional editing projects.
  2. Videezy: what makes Videezy’s stock footage unique is its quality level. Videos from this site are in HD and many are in 4K resolution to take advantage of current high end display standards.
  3. Videvo: offers a nice assortment of stock and motion graphics for you to make use of. Do note while you can use these videos without pay a fee you do have to give credit to the content creators due to Creative Commons 3.0 licensing.
  4. Motion Elements: offers free videos that are updated weekly to use free of charge. Also you can subscribe to their free email newsletter and receive additional videos free every week.
  5. xStockVideo: lastly, if your video project is non-profit then xStockVideo is another useful free video resource. Just remember to check each video’s licensing and give credit when it’s required.

Free Editing Software

  1. Lightworks: offers a free version of their powerful video editing platform. Lightworks has been used to make major motion pictures and has a wealth of useful features. It’s also available on multiple computer platforms and works on midrange computers. Note that it does take practice to learn.
  2. VideoPad Video Editor: is a great example of video editing software that manages to combine several useful features alongside ease of use. Unlike many other easier to use software platforms VideoPad does not lack for power or editing tools.
  3. Shortcut: has been ported to other platforms but retains the highly powerful but not quite user friendly aspect from its Linux origins. Despite a steep learning curve Shortcut is a powerful editing tool if you put in the time to learn it.
  4. VSDC Free Video Editor: offers versatile tools and a unique editing approach as it is non-linear. It allows you to organize and edit scenes on a timeline and work with them simultaneously. While this unique approach can take practice to master it is very useful.
  5. Microsoft Movie Maker: while not the strongest tool, Movie Maker deserves mention simply for how widespread it is. This free platform comes with Windows and, with practice, can be used to produce quality videos for simpler projects.

Media Schools

As the above list shows, there is no shortage of completely free and effective video editing software and resources online. However, the world of video editing is ever changing and a proper education at video editing school can help you advance in your profession. Reputable TV Broadcasting Colleges such as Media Schools can give video editors the skills and education they need to learn the latest in cutting-edge video editing techniques and software usage.