10 Signs That You Work in a TV Station

10 Signs That You Work in a TV Station

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It doesn’t matter if you have been working in a television station for years or if you are just looking for your first job out of school, eventually there are going to be certain things you can relate to that other people outside of the broadcast industry simply can’t.

Here is a list of 10 signs that you most definitely work in a TV station. 

  1. You Relate to the Movie Anchorman

Sure, the movie is goofy and over the top, yet you know that just about every single segment of that movie is based on some sort of truth. From wars with other stations to the ego battles between news anchors, you can relate to most of the plot points in the movie. 

  1. You Refer to the Letter Block While Watching TV News Segment

When there is a specific camera angle on a news program you are watching, you automatically refer to it as a specific block. You might do this with no other TV station workers around you, completely confusing them. 

  1. Vertical Camera Videos Drive You Crazy

Human eyes are horizontal. This means you see more from left to right than from top to bottom. Holding a smart phone vertically essentially reduces the viewing area by nearly 2/3. If eyes were on top of one another, holding a cell phone vertically would make sense. However, until evolution changes the location of eyes on the body, vertical camera videos will always be incorrect. 

  1. Your Laptop Is Marked with Hot Keys

Whether you edit videos, photographs or have other programs where speed is essential, you probably have hot keys marked on your computer keyboard.

  1. You Drink Coffee after 6pm

On those news days where you’re going to be up for a while, you not only are going to have coffee after 6pm, but you’ll likely have multiple cups of coffee after 6pm. 

  1. You Pick Your Colors Based on what Teams You are Covering

If you cover sports for a TV station, you choose the colors of the clothes you wear based on the colors the teams will be wearing. You don’t want someone calling you out for supporting one particular team (and someone watching will do this), so you wear colors not being worn by the teams. 

  1. You Have a Collection of Press Passes

From press passes to concerts, sporting events or other important gatherings, you probably have a collection of these passes in necklace form sitting around somewhere. 

  1. Family and Friends Call You Over for TV Technical Problems

You work with television technology, so naturally you know what is going on with their system, although usually it is something simple like a cable not connected correctly!

  1. You Know the Pain of Breaking News

You had the perfect story you worked hard on and you can’t wait for it to air, only to have breaking news completely cancel it. Now, who knows when anyone will get to see it!

  1. Seeing the Words “On Air” Instantly Stresses You Out

When the “On Air” sign flicks on you know there’s a million things that could go wrong at any time.