5 Under Appreciated Jobs In Broadcasting

5 Under Appreciated Jobs In Broadcasting

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In the world of broadcasting, most of all the glory goes to a handful of positions. This is the anchors and those who appear on camera, the directors and also the producers. Depending on the production and whether it is for live broadcasting or for film, the director of photography might also generate some attention in the field itself. However, outside of these jobs, most individuals have to work their way up to the top, taking entry level jobs that might not be appreciated by those on the outside. However, these jobs are important in maintaining a smooth production. Almost everyone takes one of these jobs at some point, and while under appreciated, these jobs are stepping-stones to bigger and better things. If you are interested in a career in broadcasting, there is a good chance you are going to start up in one, or several of these jobs after graduation

Production Assistant

There are often dozens of production assistants on one job at any given time. These production assistants are some of the lowest positions on the shoot but they provide the services that keep everything running smoothly. From bringing coffee in the morning to running errands between different departments, production assistants are the lifeblood of any broadcasting station.

Contract Search Associate

If there is one thing that is truly important in the world of broadcast it is contracts. Contracts prevent lawsuits, keep everyone in light, help make sure no copy-protected material is being infringed upon and it helps everything run smoothly. However, executives do not have the time to page through hundreds of documents or search online for the necessary information. A contract search associate performs all of these searches. While it might not be glorified work, someone in this particular field is able to help save a company hundreds of thousand, if not millions of dollars from possible lawsuits. This way, it is always run smoothly and broadcast companies can avoid hefty fines. 

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Sales Associate

This is more in television broadcasting than film production. However, when it all boils down to it, a television show is just content that leads to more commercials. Commercials pay the bills, advertisements keeps the stations running. A program is essentially filler between the commercials. However, if there are no commercials, there is no money for the station and the station is going to go belly up. A sales associate works with the sales department in landing these important advertising deals. Anyone who is looking to increase the overall value of the station and keep it up and running is going to move into the sales department. 

Client Services Representative

This is someone who is going to work as the middleman between the heads of a broadcast company and those who are advertising with the station. This person makes all of the phone calls, books all of the meetings and makes sure everything is up and running smoothly between both sides. Often times a client services representative is just going to be on the phone with the rep of the advertiser, but as long as there is a clear connection between the two, it should go on without a hitch. 

Production Operations Associated Programmer

This individual is going to be all around the studio, offering assistance with the suit camera during live broadcasts, work with the master controls and often offer assistance with the editing of the content, whenever it the editor requires it.