Adam Luebbers, Graduate, Working Professional

Adam Luebbers, Graduate, Working Professional

AdamLuebbers1If you could take just one thing away with you when you graduate from our program that will apply in virtually any industry, think about the benefits of  building long-term business relationships.

Our curriculum is taught by working, industry professionals, so the opportunity to start building those relationships begin at day one.

Although we are not a film school, we have been fortunate to have added Chris Potter to our teaching staff.

Chris is a graduate of NYU Film School, and has brought with him a wealth of information and experience to share with our students.

For one student,  something even greater.

Thanks again to Suzi Frye for covering our graduate guest speaker.


When you first tour our campus and apply to become a student at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, it’s obvious from the equipment and studios that you’ll be learning a lot about radio and television. But what about the movie industry? How much will you learn? Will you really meet others who have been successful in the industry?

The answer is YES!! From instructors to guest speakers, to class assignments, you will be inundated with this knowledge.

Today was no exception. Our guest speaker was Adam Luebbers, Co-Owner of L.P. Motion Pictures. Not only does Adam co-own the company, due to the evolution of our industry, he fills additional roles within the organization. He serves as a  producer, director, and videographer on many of the projects they are hired to complete.

Adam is a graduate of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting (Cincinnati Campus) and is well aware of the quality of the education it provides, and how he used those tools be the success he’s become today.

He started out as an intern for TBNK, then moved to the short-lived Fox 19 Cincinnality show, to a short internship with PBS and Channel 12. He knew it was his passion for the industry and his love  for production and filming that would point him toward  internships that could provide him the experience he needed for success.

Upon graduating, he and Chris Potter created L.P. Motion Pictures. They began shooting small documentaries and music videos. Much of what they’ve completed has been “give backs”/”pro bono” projects to many people for the opportunity to produce high-quality, high-caliber work in exchange for word of mouth marketing.

All of this paid off for them within a few short months. After completing a 30 second PSA for the Shay Project, out of Florida, the organization decided to let go of their previous AV company and hire L.P. Motion Pictures full-time. This was absolutely their BIG BREAK and a huge door opener. They are now have the opportunity to collaborate with FORD and the Shay Project to shoot stunt drivers for their next assignment. They have also been approached for a potential reality show with Sign Tech. To say the least, they are on the verge of something huge.

Adam’s words of wisdom and advice to us as the next generation of broadcasters and film-makers were:

    • Never be late
    • Always be early
    • Network and build long-term relationships

The industry will reward you handsomely as a result of those four key success building blocks.

If you’re ready to take that first step toward becoming a broadcasting professional, we’re ready to help you begin.

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