Andy Avalos Visit to ICB

Andy Avalos Visit to ICB

Andy AvalosAward-winning NBC 5 Meteorologist Andy Avalos visited the ICB LaSalle campus to speak to the students and public on his 30 plus year career as a meteorologist broadcaster. Andy engaged the students on the effects of severe weather on Chicagoans and their families, remembering the Palatine tornado in 1990 as an example that it can happen anywhere, at any time.

Andy noted that his love of weather began one night on guard duty during his time in the US Army. That was his moment that led him down the path where he is today.

When speaking on the formula for success, Andy expressed that it took hard work, focus, & dedication to make it past all the obstacles that can derail a career.

Finding focus was a recurring theme in the discussion, and he challenged each student to find the career that they love, that gives them the determination to jump out of bed each day. Don’t just want “any” job in broadcasting, find what you love to do and focus. That makes all the difference in your journey.

Andy encouraged the students to be extraordinary in their studies and internships, because that’s the key to success. You need to push past the crowd and stand out among your peers to get the position you want. Start that tradition while in school now so it will carry with you throughout your life, and career.

The staff and students of Illinois Centers for Broadcasting would like to extend our thanks to Andy Avalos for taking the time out of his busy schedule to spend time with aspiring broadcasters and share his journey.

Catch up on twitter with Andy Avalos or watch him on NBC Chicago weekday mornings from 4:30 to 7 a.m. You can also see him give the latest weather updates throughout the Today Show.

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