Branding and Marketing Yourself as a Broadcast Media Professional

Branding and Marketing Yourself as a Broadcast Media Professional

To land a job as a broadcast media professional, it’s essential for you to properly brand and market yourself. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of falling behind those who do. Branding works for individuals, so the earlier you start the better. If you are still attending school for your broadcast degree that is even better, but should you be looking for a job, it is time to start branding and marketing your services.

Target Broadcast Audience

Any business selling products and services has a target audience. These are the consumers who are most likely to purchase wares from the company. With a target audience in mind, the company develops specific marketing materials that those consumers would be most interested in. You need to do exactly the same thing and determine who your target audience is. If you are looking to obtain a job in a television news studio, you need to market yourself towards TV studio professionals, HR reps and others who work at these locations. You should have a different resume for a TV studio than what you might have for a post-production house.

When you first exit college and are ready for the professional world, a job is a job, so you are probably more willing to take a position in a radio production studio or a live events production company. Having multiple target audiences is fine, but you should have different marketing material for each. Create different resumes for each target, along with different demo reels and information for each.

Unified Look

Use a unified look that is universal across all of your promotional platforms. Create a personal logo (or have one created) that is simple, yet easily identifiable. Once you have the personal logo, use it on your business cards, letterhead, on your website and everywhere else. Your logo should allow others to readily identify you. They might not immediately remember your name, but they will recognize the catchy logo. Try to keep your color schemes and general layout with your social media accounts and websites the same as well.

Monitor the Details

With your personal brand, everything matters. This means the way you dress, how you present yourself, images that are tagged to you on social media channels… it all becomes part of your personal brand. You go out and someone takes an unflattering image of you and posts it to social media? That instantly becomes part of your personal brand. So, monitor the details when branding and marketing and take special care to dress the part and act the part, no matter where you are or with whom you speak. You never know who’s watching and listening.