Careers You Never Knew Were Broadcast Industry Related

Careers You Never Knew Were Broadcast Industry Related

Like any other demanding profession, a career in the broadcast industry requires great specialization and hard work. Beyond the obvious path of on-air talent, there are many other careers that you can pursue in the broadcast industry. Here is a look at a few of them.

Emerging Media

  • Social Media Coordinator – in the contemporary world a company’s success in social media is often reflected in their success in business. More and more companies are filling specialists in this position to establish a professional presence in the virtual market.
  • Content Contributor – you will be required to put your great writing skills into play here with an aim of establishing or improving a company’s presence online.


  • Board operator – If you choose to pursue this career, you will be handling shows and putting them together with an on-air host. You will be the person in control of the show and may even field phone calls from listeners.


  • Executive producer – This is the top person in TV production. You supervise how a TV show is created and developed from script writing to airing.
  • Floor director – You get to direct the presenter on live TV and whatever he or she does will be from you. A lot of skill is required for this position, plus full concentration.


  • Technical director – This person is also called a switcher and is in charge of the control room in live production.
  • Videographer – As a videographer, you are charged with the responsibility of recording news or events for the purpose of broadcasting.

This is just a glimpse of some broadcast-related careers. Please follow this link for more.