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Executive Producer: Career Information & Job Outlook

You see it in the credits of every movie and television show you watch: “Executive Producer.” But what is an executive producer compared to all other “producer” roles in a production?

In this Media Schools guide, we answer the following questions to help guide your process in selecting a career in the film and television industry.

What Does an Executive Producer Do?

An executive producer is the lead, high-level producer who secures the funding for a film or television production while overseeing the entire development from start to finish. They are responsible for all business decisions and managing the budget, hiring essential cast and crew, developing production schedules and organizing marketing and promotions.

Knowing how to delegate and hire good people while adhering to union regulations is a key. Famous executive producers include Steven Spielberg and Judd Apatow.

How Much Do Executive Producers Make?

According to PayScale.com, the annual income for executive producers ranges from $42,807 to $182,404 as of November 2017.

The Work Environment for an Executive Producer

It all depends on which media path you choose. You can work for a production company that produces numerous films, for a television show that is based in a specific location, or for a sports program that has you traveling all over the country. Most executive producers are rarely on set, however, since their jobs entail higher-level management.

Career Requirements

Although education requirements can vary, it is recommended that you earn a bachelor’s degree in film or journalism.

Ideal Skills and Characteristics for Executive Producers

It helps to be business-minded and good with budgeting and finances. You must be goal-oriented and deadline-driven while nurturing a competitive spirit when dealing with media projections and content innovation. Being comfortable with delegating and motivating big groups of people to stay on task is definitely a positive.

Executive Producers Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for producers and directors is expected to increase 10 percent to 12 percent by 2026, which is faster than the average growth for all other jobs. Fans all over the world continue to demand media entertainment, so it is a solid industry.

How to Get Started as a Film Producer

Pursuing a career as an executive producer is a big deal. It is wise to learn all you can about the media industry to make sure you have a clear path to attaining your ultimate career goals. You can get plenty of hands-on training at Ohio, Colorado, Illinois and Miami Media Schools while earning your certification in the field.

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