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Sports Talk Radio Host: Career Information & Job Outlook

Imagine a career in which you could talk about your favorite sports for hours on end, and people actually enjoy listening to what you have to say. There are few unique individuals who know spectator sports on a deep level, who can back up their opinions about plays and players with facts and data. If this sounds like you, a career in sports talk radio may be the ultimate opportunity.

Sports talk radio is a major part of entertainment in modern society. The number of sports related podcasts, youtube channels and XM radio stations make the demand for this content very apparent. There must be one sports radio host you listen to every day. Think of how he inspires your love of the game. You can do the very same thing for audience members all over the world. Let us tell you how.

What do Sports Talk Radio Hosts do?

Sports Talk Radio Hosts are responsible for many tasks beyond going on air to speak their thoughts. You will be expected to brainstorm ideas for shows, discerning which sports stories are discussion worthy. It is also important that you conduct research and gather hard facts to support your opinions. You will conduct interviews with athletes, coaches, and other sports professionals, sometimes in the studio, and other times on location, taking listeners into the world of locker rooms, training facilities and other seldom visited sports locales. It is also a part of your daily duties to keep listeners captivated, take listener calls, and keep callers interesting and focused. Finally, you are responsible for creating your own radio character, and marketing that brand personality on a daily basis. This is how you create a consistent connection with fans who are excited to listen to your show.

What is a Sports Talk Radio Hosts salary?

According to PayScale, the median radio show host salary is $43,466 a year, with the lowest being around $25,000 and the highest at about $92,000. Geographic location and employer (radio station), were the biggest factors in this wide range. Here are the average salaries for this position in the states of Florida, Colorado, Illinois and Ohio according to Salary Expert.

  • Florida: $53,765.
  • Colorado: $56,759.
  • Illinois: $65,000.
  • Ohio: $50,050.

Now keep in mind that big names in sports talk radio make upwards of five to thirty million a year. Based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, spectator sports announcers were the highest paid amongst radio and television announcers in 2010.

Where do Sports Talk Radio Hosts spend their day?

This can vary depending on the type of sports host you are. If you are a play by play commentator, you will spend your days on location, at any given sports facility. If you are a host that discusses upcoming games and conducts post game shows, you will likely be in a broadcast studio setting during your on air time, and off conducting research in the field when looking for good stories. You may also be the type of host that travels around the nation interviewing different professional players and coaches, attending major sporting events and going behind the scenes on location.

What training or education do Sports Talk Radio Hosts need?

A career as a Sports Talk Radio Host requires a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting, journalism, and communications. It is also expected that you will gain onsite training with seasoned, professional hosts and radio teams. It’s important to understand that this career requires just as much knowledge and experience in radio broadcasting as it does in sports. Through our program, you will get the opportunity to participate in internships that will allow you to gain the skills required for a successful radio host career.

What makes a good Sports Talk Radio Host?

As a Sports Talk Radio Host, you must be prepared to handle strong opinions from other hosts, listeners, and the general media. You will need to have confidence in stating your ideas and supporting your arguments with sound proof, based on data. You must be well-spoken, clear, engaging and quick-witted. Remember, you are an entertainer after all.

The best sports radio hosts know how to keep interviews on track, while connecting personally with guests. They also know how to use teaser techniques to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Ultimately, you set the tone for all discussions.

What does the future hold for Sports Talk Radio Hosts?

An article posted by Work in Entertainment states the following: “Sports radio stations have grown 64% over the last 10 years and more and more stations are, to use a sports analogy, jumping to the big leagues from AM to FM.”

The number of spectator sports only continues to grow. We have seen an influx in the popularity of MMA fighting and obstacle course competitions. Plus the fan base for the traditional basketball, football, baseball, and soccer leagues have not weaned at all. The number of media outlets only continues to explode with social media and streaming technology.

How to Get Started: Become a Sports Talk Radio Host

It is wise to first start listening. Simply check out various sports talk shows to get an idea of the talent expectations. Take notes on what you like and what you would do differently. Check out different syndicate stations to get an idea of their radio host job descriptions and requirements.

Now whether you want to be a Fox sports radio host or a CBS sports radio host, you must enroll in a credible program that will get you the training and certification required to succeed in this role. Check out our Sports Broadcasting program for more information about the course structure and expectations. Once you decide if it is the path you want to take, you can apply online.



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