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Technical Director: Career Information & Job Outlook

Our Film & Production program will give you an inside look at the day-to-day operations of a real broadcasting studio, granting you the skill set you need to work as a Technical Director or Switchboard Operator. Our expert instructors will give you the knowledge and technical experience necessary to work in one of the most exciting positions in the television broadcasting industry.

 Job Duties: What is an Technical Director and What Does an Technical Director Do?

Following the Director’s lead, the Technical Director is responsible for operating switchboard equipment to ensure that every aspect of a live television program goes as planned. This role is ideal for those looking for a fast-paced career in the broadcasting industry and is one of the most “hands-on” positions available.

Duties of the Technical Director position

  • Operating visual switching equipment under the guidance of the Director
  • Providing direction and makes decisions regarding technical projects
  • Making “on the fly” changes, switching shots, camera angles, graphics and more
  • Working with scenic designers to ensure proper set design and equipment placement
  • Monitoring video broadcasting equipment and resolving technical issues
  • Formulating technical plans for productions
  • Certifying that all equipment is prepared for broadcast
  • Training control room crew members on proper equipment use, care, and maintenance

Highlights and benefits of the Technical Director role

  • A never-dull work environment where your decisions matter
  • The recognition that comes along with a prestigious, integral position
  • Career satisfaction playing an essential role in the broadcasting process
  • The opportunity to learn about and work with multiple facets of broadcasting, increasing your knowledge of the industry and further elevating your career
  • An ever-changing workflow, there’s no daily grind here!

Be On Air can help you to gain all of the necessary skills to begin a career as a Technical Director with in-depth, hands-on training in a real broadcasting studio environment. Our experienced instructors will guide you in mastering the technical skills required to work in the broadcasting industry, helping you to become an expert at working the control room, switching between shots on the fly, and acting as the driving force behind a live production’s success.

Becoming a Technical Director with Be On Air

Be On Air has locations nationwide, and our schools partner with major broadcasting companies to give you an inside look into the industry while preparing you to work in broadcasting with our unmatched quality of educational programs. Through the partnerships that our schools have cultivated, students are given the opportunity to work with television broadcasting studios in major markets through externship programs, and all of our schools offer students the chance to work with our student-run television stations for a comprehensive educational experience.

Searching for the right media school to fit your needs can be time-consuming, which is why Be On Air has made it our mission to craft a versatile educational environment, giving our students the chance to become knowledgeable in every aspect of the Technical Director role. We pride ourselves on our ability to give our students experience in a real studio environment, and this real-world educational approach is devised to train our students in a variety of scenarios, helping them to gain the experience they need to enter the broadcasting field.

With a little diligence and hard work, Be On Air can help you to kick-start your career as a Technical Director. Our curriculum will help you to build the skills that employers are looking for, and we have alumni working at major broadcasting studios all over the country! Our Technical Director program will give you the knowledge and experience you will need to pursue a career in the broadcasting industry.

Become a Master of the Control Room

With one of the top Technical Director programs in the country, we will guide you in learning to master all of the technical equipment you will use in your career.

Work in a Real-Life Studio Environment

Our students have the opportunity to work in our schools’ television stations, as well as with real broadcasting companies, giving them a “behind the scenes” educational experience.

Learn from Industry Experts

Our instructors know what it takes to make it in the broadcast industry, and our externship opportunities give our students the chance to learn what it is like working with a director in a real-life environment.

Advance Your Career

Be On Air can help you to gain the experience you need to become a Technical Director. With expert course instructors and locations nationwide, we can help you to achieve your career goals and to build your future in the broadcasting industry.

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