ESPN Sports Broadcasting Panel Discussion

ESPN Sports Broadcasting Panel Discussion

On June 6th the Illinois Center for Broadcasting’s (ICB) Chicago Campus hosted three ESPN experienced professionals, Jonathan Hood, Ray Flores, and Chris Bleck! These three discussed how students can make sports broadcasting a career and gave important tips on networking and interning in the industry. The sport’s seminar was moderated by Adam Abdalla, producer for ESPN radio. Abdalla is also an instructor here at ICB and the associate program director for the, the school’s very own sports radio station.

Jonathan Hood has a vast array of experiences in the sports broadcasting industry. He has covered many different sports in a multitude of arenas such as the NBA and NCAA. Hood hosts his own sports radio shows and has worked as an anchor and a producer. He has insight into the online world of sports broadcasting as well, as he worked with Tim Doyle on Hood shared what he has learned in his 21 years of experience working in various roles in the sports broadcasting industry.

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Ray Flores works on-air as one of the anchors for ESPN 1000 in Chicago. He is also known for his work covering mixed martial arts and boxing for WCRX 88.1 FM, and has interviewed a number of prominent boxers such as Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquaio, Anderson Silva, and Randy Coutre.

Flores speaks of his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete. While he was not able to make it to the major leagues as a player, he has competed among the best in the sports broadcasting arena. He has also had the opportunity to work with several athletes and sports professionals. Flores told the audience about how his journey in broadcasting began and how it continues to grow and develop. He urged students to secure internships and to take them seriously. He stressed the importance of taking random, odd job, despite the location or the prestige. He made sure to remind students to shake hands and look people in the eye because you always need to continuously remind people who you are in this industry. Flores advised students in the audience to be cordial, as this will set an intern apart from the rest.

Chris Bleck is a producer at ESPN Radio and an instructor here at ICB – Chicago Campus. Bleck has also worked for Apple and Next Media. He started in the business doing an internship with WLUP Radio. Beck, a graduate of Colombia College, sees the value in the program at ICB and is able to help students make the most of the one year program here at ICB. Bleck shared with the audience his views on internships and becoming successful in the industry. He shared stories of his internship experiences and stressed the value of doing not just one, but multiple internships. He started by doing promotions for a small suburban radio station in Wisconsin and working his way to ESPN in Chicago. He told students to never underestimate the power of small time gigs and that there is always an opportunity for networking. He suggested that students be polite and offer a helping hand whenever possible at their internships.
Jonathan Hood, Chris Beck and Adam Abdalla are all a part of the Illinois Center for Broadcasting faculty and can be your new teachers when you enroll today! Take classes from the professionals in the industry and learn what it takes to become a broadcaster!

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