Five Books Every TV Broadcaster Should Read

Five Books Every TV Broadcaster Should Read

TV broadcasting is the career choice of many college-aged students today. If you are interested in preparing for a successful run as a broadcaster, there are five books that you should make it a point to read. Each book will give you a different look at your chosen field.

The first and most important book you’ll want to read is Television Studies: The Basics. This gives you a general rundown of your job responsibilities as a TV broadcaster and outlines all the skills that you need to know in order to become one that people want to tune in to see. Failure to learn, or remember, the basics will put you at a disadvantage later on in your career.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to learn the history of the industry. The best way for you to do this is to read From Daytime to Primetime: the History of American Television Programs. To truly be an effective TV broadcaster you have to know the history of your business and what those who have come before you have done right and wrong in the job.

You will learn how radio started the broadcasting industry and how it changed when television came along. By studying TV broadcasts of several different genres, you can learn the subtle differences between each.

The best broadcasters are knowledgeable on every type of TV broadcast out there, giving them the flexibility to make a career out of the type that suits their talent, skills and personality. If you are interested in reporting sports or news on a local or national level, this book will provide you with a game plan for your success. An informed broadcaster is a successful one.

The current state of the broadcasting industry is also something you will need to understand. One of the best ways to achieve this is to read A Study of Modern Television: Thinking Inside the Box.

Today’s industry is, in some ways, significantly different than how it was in the past. You will need to understand and appreciate that significance. Though thinking outside the box is important in any career, you must think within the box first. This allows you to come up with a broadcasting strategy that will appeal to your target audience. Modern television is a force to be reckoned with, and broadcasters are changing and evolving every day in order to keep standards high within the industry.

A huge part of the broadcasting industry involves covering sports. Even if you have no plans to do so in your career, a well-rounded education will take you far. You can achieve this by reading Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN. It chronicles the growth of the ESPN network and SportsCenter, its anchor show. ESPN broadcasters report on every aspect of the sports industry, including wins and losses, player suspensions and rivalries. You will gain a lot of insight into sports broadcasting by reading this book.

Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting will round out your preparation to embark on a career in the field. This book covers case studies involving various broadcast networks. This book will help prepare you for broadcasting through means such as live internet radio, a career option that older broadcasters weren’t given the opportunity to experience.

Each of these five books will bring you a heightened knowledge and understanding of the TV broadcasting industry and what it takes to be a success in it and become an effective broadcasting personality.