Five Things a Radio Broadcast Student Can’t Live Without

Five Things a Radio Broadcast Student Can’t Live Without

Radio Broadcast students have exciting career prospects ahead of them. You dream of the things you will say on the air when you make it big and you know the world is your oyster. As you make your way through the media programs, there are a lot of things that can help you along the way. While some are more helpful than others, here are five things a radio broadcast student absolutely cannot live without while going through the education process.

1. Personal Headphones

Sure, the campus radio station provides a set of headphones or two, but do you know where those have been? You probably do and it’s not pretty. Having your own headphones sets you up for success in the campus studio and in the production studio between shifts. You are comfortable with your headphones and you know how they operate. They fit your head well and cover your ears tightly. Plus, you know they have been on your head and in your hands alone and not on the guy you’ve never seen use a comb.

2. Your Smart Phone

Your smart phone will come handy in a number of different ways as you make your way through the media program. When you are working your shift at the radio station, you’ll have easy access to endless information about artists, their songs, and trivia questions. You can look up the temperature and weather forecast at the drop of a hat and keep tabs on local community news and national headlines. You can also find and play songs you wouldn’t have available otherwise. And you can organize your busy life as a student with a calendar you can keep with you at all times, complete with alert sounds and alarms.

3. Laptop

Radio broadcast student life is on the go all the time. Whether you are darting from class to class, spending time doing research in your room, or dashing from meetings to your on-air shift, you need to have a laptop in order to get it all done. Without a laptop, you can’t spend the precious minutes between your shift and your next class working on that term paper. You also can’t look back on your notes before a big test. And you can’t organize a rocking playlist for the next hour of radio you host. Your laptop will become like a best friend that you carry around with you everywhere you go.

4. A Nice Voice

So you want to talk for a living. What you need more than anything else is a smooth voice. Not every radio broadcast student was born with a voice like butter. But even if you have a passable radio voice, if you know how to use it, you can succeed in the industry. In order to keep your voice healthy for the airwaves, you need to take care of it. That means drinking plenty of water before and during a shift and not screaming louder than everyone else at the next concert. You have to maintain your voice for your career’s sake.

5. A Sense of Humor

When you are working on the air, things are going to happen. You’re going to push the wrong button or blast the wrong song. You’re going to get the hiccups. You need to have a sense of humor about your mistakes or you’ll get discouraged quickly. You also need to see the humor in everyday life so you can convey it to listeners.

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