Five Things a Television Broadcast Student Can’t Live Without

Five Things a Television Broadcast Student Can’t Live Without

If you are a television broadcast student, you are likely excited about your future! You want to finish your schooling and move on to the exciting career you know is ahead of you. There are many things you will want to have on hand, but these five are essential items in order to help you survive your lessons and get to that career you know will be great.

1. Smart Phone

The smart phone is essential for so many aspects of life these days, but the same is even more true for a television broadcast student. As a busy student, you don’t have time for paper calendars. With your smart phone, you can adjust your schedule any time you have a second. And you can even set alarms and alerts to make sure you never miss a class. Beyond that, you can look up anything you need to know on your smart phone. If you are working at the campus TV station, you can fact check, research, and email from the convenience of your phone. If you had to wait to be sitting at a desktop computer to do those things, you might miss the boat entirely.

2. Pen and Paper

While smart phones are great, nothing beats a good old pen and paper when it comes time to take notes. If you are pre-interviewing a guest, jotting a few reminders down on paper works well. If you need to remember something for a broadcast, but can’t pull out your phone, writing it on paper is a great alternative. Paper also works for taking notes in class. Some people actually remember items better when they write them out. You can also use paper to write notes and then hang them about the campus studio, so if you are on the air, you can reference the notes like cue cards and remind yourself of your important points.

3. Caffeine

Most students rely heavily on caffeine, but a television broadcast student often needs it more. Working on TV spots for your classes can be done at any hour of the day, but there are only so many production studios. If you missed the optimal times, you have to take whatever slots are left and that might mean hours in the middle of the night. Some things need to be shot at night as well and since classes run during the day, sometimes night is the only time everyone is available. Not to mention reading and studying for classes the next day. All of these things add up to a full night without many hours to sleep.

4. Laptop

A television broadcast student is always on the go with classes, shifts at the campus TV station, work, and other items. In order to keep all of your class files with you at all times, a laptop is essential. If you are early to one class, you can work on the paper for another. If you have a little time in the library before the broadcast you are helping with, you can do some research. Your laptop will prove essential and should always be close at hand.

5. A Calm Demeanor

Nothing will get you through broadcast school better than a calm attitude. Whether you are on the air or behind the scenes, you need to show that you can address any crisis with a calm demeanor and work through the issue without panic. This will get you far in the real world!

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