Five Things That Make Broadcasters Smile

Five Things That Make Broadcasters Smile

Broadcasting is a dream for many people from all walks of life. With the right training, you can become a top broadcaster yourself and Be On Air can help you get that training. Follow these important tips and you’ll stand out at your position and make your boss – and other broadcast pros – smile.


Practicing is one of the most important keys to success for broadcasters. You will want to review your key points and all of your material before you go on the air. This is important so you don’t get stumped or seem like you are reading off a script, even if you are. You will want to know your topic and speak with confidence in order to be a successful broadcaster.

This is just like practicing, but you will need to be prepared for the tough questions that you may be asked. This is a make or break tip, because if you get stumped by a hard question you may lose all credibility. In order to stay prepared, think up all of the tough questions that may arise and get someone to give you some help and ask you these questions, so that when they come up you can answer them quickly and knowledgeably.

Avoid yes or no answers

You never want to respond with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Broadcasters have a platform where they can tell a story in their own way. This is the time to express your passion for the topic you are covering. You want to expand on the questions that you are required to cover for your broadcast. Don’t come off as boring or uneducated about the subject of your broadcast.

Body language is key

Your body language can make you one of the best or worst broadcasters. This includes the eye contact you make, when you smile and even how you sit. You will want to follow all of the practices for good posture. Never sit slouched over and don’t overdo it by sitting up too high, but sit with a relaxed and confident posture. Eye contact is very important to develop relations with the person you are interviewing and the audience. If you avoid eye contact it makes you seem like you are hiding something or dishonest. Lastly, smiling is one of the best ways to win someone over. A smile is a sign of trust, so practice smiling at the right times and you will be on your way to being one of the best broadcasters.

Dress for success

The way you dress is a key tip to becoming a top broadcaster. Many broadcasters have a personal stylist to ensure they are always dressed to impress with the latest styles. This also includes grooming of your face and head. You will always want to look like you just stepped out of a salon or barbershop. When you look good, you will feel good and this will make you perform well.

Now that you have the tips to succeed, the next thing you need to do is sign up to get your degree. The Ohio/Illinois Centers for Broadcasting is the place to go to be one of the top broadcasters in the industry.