Greg Insco Seizes the Cincinnati Campus

Greg Insco Seizes the Cincinnati Campus

greginscoblogOne thing you learn quickly in our program is that our industry is so much bigger than you could ever imagine.

For the students who enter our program with a completely open mind, and a profound desire to chase their broadcasting dream, you never know where you’ll land.

On Wednesday, June 5th, our featured guest speaker was Greg Insco.

It’s pretty difficult to really describe Greg, and categorizing  him as a “character” could be considered insulting.

Current student, Suzi Frye was present last week and wanted to share her thoughts about meeting Greg Insco.

His body of work includes: “As Seen on TV”, “Hard Core Pawn”,  “Extreme Cheapskates”, ” Nancy Grace”,  “Anderson Cooper”, “Tosh.O”, “America’s Most Wanted”, “TLC”,  and more!

Today I had the opportunity to experience one of the most unique guest speakers to date.  If you missed his visit, take some time to watch the footage we shot during his visit.

His outfit alone spoke volumes: Hot, bright blue pants,  a cream shirt, black bow tie, and funky, outrageous shoes. How outrageous? Try tan high tops with stuffed teddy bears coming out of the toes.

How do I go on to describe this man? Is he an enigma?  He’s certainly unique, original, completely off the cuff, flying  by the seat of his pants adventurous. I could continue, for hours.

What I found most amusing, is that he  is a licensed minister and conducts Zumba classes throughout the week. I’m laughing as I write. He’s just a hysterical trip!!!

His favorite quotes to us as students were:

  • “Have fun!”
  • “Always answer your phone like you are ‘Bad S**t Crazy’”
  • “Be Yourself”
  • “Always Name drop”
  • “Give your time away for FREE”
  • “Know your niche”
  • “Live Your Dreams”
  • “Don’t Lie/Don’t trick”
  • “Network, network, network, network, network, network, network, network”

……did I say network?

What floored me most about this man, is that he was just so genuine.  A real, caring,  and compassionate person.

How he got started in this whole acting gig is just phenomenal. Who knew if  you walked 76 days from Cincinnati to California to drop off your Survivor Audition Video, it would be the beginning of his career today.

You can see his journey on his “Who is this guy” page on his personal website here.  

We will never forget Greg Insco. If you meet him, you’ll never forget him either. 

He’s one of a kind, a super star, and connected. You should get to know him, and know him well. 

If you’d like the opportunity to check out our campus and learn more about our program, click here.