How Can You Create Your Own Podcast?

How Can You Create Your Own Podcast?

There are few better things at getting you prepared for a career in broadcasting than by producing your own podcast program. A podcast is a simple digital audio recording that virtually anyone with a computer, microphone, and Internet connection can do from home and then make available for listening online.

Podcasts can be produced for websites, posted to your social media pages, circulated, downloaded, and saved for future use. That makes them ideal tools for budding broadcast majors to begin learning the basics of the business, even while in college. 

Here are a few pointers to help you produce your own podcast.

Get a Good Microphone

While you likely have a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone, that stock microphone usually won’t cut it. You need a professional microphone that you can plug into a USB port and use to more accurately and clearly record your voice, as well as those of any guests you might have. You also might opt for a portable digital recorder with a good microphone that will record sound close-up and help filter out background noises.

Learn Editing and Mixing Software

Once you have your audio and recording gear, you’ll also need an audio editing and mixing program that will enable you to manipulate recorded digital audio. Many affordable and even free programs are available online and enable you to finely tune your audio with a built-in equalizer, mixer, and editing software.

Eliminating unwanted noises, paring down commentary to the most compelling parts, adjusting sound levels, and mixing in sound effects can make your podcast more polished and professional, while helping you to master the fundamental tools of broadcasting.

Write Like a Pro

If you want to succeed in broadcasting, you’ll need to learn how to produce professional content. That means learning to write in the manner most accepted in whichever area of expertise in which your podcast specializes. For example, it would be acceptable for a skating-themed podcast to use vernacular common among skaters, because that’s what the audience understands and relates to the most.

If you want a more business-oriented podcast, you would need to write and produce content that is polished and professional in tone and style.

The point is to learn your audience and provide the content in the manner in which they are accustomed, with your own personal nuances.

Commit to It

Podcasting can’t be an occasional thing if you want to get good at it and build an audience. You’ll have to commit to producing compelling content on a regular basis. That means you need topics and audiences interested in them.

Whether you choose to specialize in one particular area of expertise or prefer addressing current events and hot-button issues, you’ll need to produce content on a regular basis that people can access easily.

It also helps to promote your podcast using your social media accounts, a supporting website, email blasts, and other marketing tools that help you to reach more people.

Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is a great way for you to build your professional credentials and possibly even go into business for yourself. You gain practical experience, learn how to produce broadcast programs, hone your communications skills, and become a better writer, interviewer, producer, and broadcaster.

Media Schools

If you are considering a career in broadcasting, or enrolling in broadcasting college programs, Media Schools has a variety of online and classroom course offerings that can help you to hone your skills with your own podcasts, while developing your skills and providing the educational experience you need to break into the broadcasting industry. Visit to learn more!