How the Apps on Your Phone Can Help Curate Great News Stories

How the Apps on Your Phone Can Help Curate Great News Stories

In today’s digital world, news is available at your fingertips. You can turn to the web for news updates, to Twitter, to Facebook, or to your phone.

In today’s world, we don’t just want to read the news. We want it really delivered to us, not just tossed into our driveways like a newspaper. We want to be able to call up an app to see videos and learn about what’s new right as it happens.

Here are a number of excellent news apps you can use to help you curate great news stories.

Apple News: One of the best apps for this is Apple’s News app. Apple has provided their News app as part of their iOS and it is available to everyone who has an iPhone or iPad.

Breaking News: The Breaking News app started simply as a curated newsletter about technology. Today the app provides over 1,000 stories each day, summarized into less than 300 characters (linking to their original sources). When you download the app, you can decide which topics you want to read about and the app will present only those stories.

Yahoo News Digest: The Yahoo News Digest app recently expanded from the US to the UK. They now offer a twice-daily summary of “need-to-know news” which draws on a number of different sources for their stories. Available on Android, Apple and many more

Newsbeat: Newsbeat is a newer app which is the work of Tribune Digital Ventures. They label their app as your very own “personal news radio.” They let you choose your favorite news sources and then they choose stories from those sites daily. They summarize the stories for you and use text-to-voice technology to give you personalized news podcasts.

Paper: Paper is an app that gives you stories straight from Facebook, and the app is actually by Facebook. When you use the app, you have access to Instant Articles, a service that loads stories into the main Facebook News Feed with unusual speed. It puts emphasis on the sort of stories you share and “like” on Facebook.

Circa News: Circa News is an app that promises to boil down stories to the facts. They provide you with world news, national news and tech news.

Flipboard: Flipboard is one of the news apps that has been around the longest. They are well-researched, well-resourced, and owned by CNN. They offer you all kinds of features, and with Flipboard you can curate your stories to make the site your own.

News360: News360 is another established app which has been around for several years. They offer you stories you’re interested in, adapting the articles to fit those interests. They use solid sources and provide images and videos, too.

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