Media Blogs You Should Follow Now

Media Blogs You Should Follow Now

Female Blogging

Female Blogging

If you are looking for some new social media blogs to follow, there are literally thousands to choose from online. But, you’ve only got so much time, so you can’t read them all. Your time is important, so focus on blogs that give you the most bang for your (hypothetical) buck. Blogs that offer high quality, relevant content are the ones to pick.

Here are a few that will help you keep up-to-date on the stories that matter to you:

Danny Brown: While not your typical social media blog, Danny Brown’s site is full of great content. Instead of the typical “tips and tricks,” you’ll find articles on how to live a better life and develop a better business. Brown is the founder of the 12for12k charity initiative, so he knows a bit about being a good person.

ViperChill: This is a blog that explores business and website practices as well as SEO tips and tricks. The blog explains a number of different social media practices.

Socialmouths: The brain behind Socialmouths, Francisco Rosales, designed the site to be a “vehicle to deliver free advice on what it takes to be successful online.” This includes tips on blogging, content marketing and more.

Buffer Social: This is one of the best-curated blogs out there. It provides readers with well-researched, comprehensive content that can be useful for all levels of social media marketers.

Grow: Developed and written by Mark W. Schaefer, Grow seeks to flip content marketing on its head. The quality of content is very consistent and the pieces share his experiences and are devoid of ego. They are designed to help your business find success.

Socially Sorted: The author of this social media blog is Donna Moritz. She is a social media and visual marketing powerhouse. You will read her passion for all things social media in her blogs. She provides a fresh take on digital marketing and all of her posts are accompanied by great graphics and images.

Seth Godin: Seth Godin is a New York-based best-selling author. He is well-known in the marketing and social media world and his blog offers plenty of excellent marketing advice.

RazorSocial: RazorSocial is one of the most visited social media blogs in the world. The site is a great place to gather information on social media tools, content marketing and social media. The posts are by the blog’s founder, Ian Clearly, as well as plenty of other experts in the field. It will show you how to make online marketing work for you.

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