Michael Scott Carter Visits The Students at ICB State St.

Michael Scott Carter Visits The Students at ICB State St.

Michael Scott CarterOn July 2, 2013 the Illinois Center for Broadcasting (ICB) hosted Michael Scott Carter at our downtown Chicago campus. The Chicago native, and Morgan Park High School graduate, very humbly shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in the broadcasting arena with ICB students. Carter, a GOP candidate for the State Treasurer of Illinois and former BBC-TV political and economic commentator, shared his broadcasting experiences from his time spent in London and here in the United States. He was able to shed light on issues of international positions in the industry and answer questions by students.

Carter was asked about his first job in broadcasting. He told the story of how initially he was needed as a legal analyst, but at that time he was only in his first month of law school. His original education was in economics, so he shifted out of legal analysis and commentated where he felt most comfortable. Carter said he networked and as staff and producers at the station changed, he was quickly promoted. He encouraged students to do the same.

Students were eager to know if Carter had any interaction with the Royal Family while working in London. He told the audience that he was able to meet members of the royal family as he participated in events all around the city and did debates in the parliament. As he travels back to London for other endeavors, he will continue to interact with connections he made in the international broadcasting and political fields.

When asked about his current work with television and radio, Scott said his last television appearance was overseas about 4 weeks ago. On a local level, Carter talked about his ongoing involvement with VON and the Mancow Mueller Show. He spoke highly of Mancow Mueller’s skills and said he is the most fascinating DJ he has ever seen. Scott said Mueller goes straight for 6 hours at a time on air and is very technical if you listen closely to his commentary.

If you are interested in working with his campaign, please email brennan@michaelscottcarter.com.
The Michael Scott Carter campaign for the Illinois State Treasurer would like to galvanize every mode of communication and needs talented students to serve as producers for this effort. As part of the team you would work to uploaded videos, make sure there is a constant stream of interviews, and do blog postings.

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