Miguel Fernandez from CBS 4 Speaks To Students

Miguel Fernandez from CBS 4 Speaks To Students

Miguel Fernandez, Executive Producer at CBS 4 News Miami, paid a visit to students at Miami Media School on February 13. As the executive producer, Miguel oversees a staff of eight producers and three associate producers. Miguel is part of an organization that makes editorial decisions and works on informing the South Florida community about news and issues that affect them.

In addition to sharing his own success story, Miguel took time for a Q&A style session, where students were able to ask a wide variety of questions, including how his team makes decisions on which stories will make the air each night.

Miguel’s first opportunity to make critical decisions began when he became an associate producer in 1997. By 1999, Miguel had become the morning show producer at CBS 4. Throughout his time, Miguel has helped produce coverage for several big stories including the Presidential Election of 2000, the Elian Gonzalez controversy, the attacks on American on 9/11, Miami International Airport Shooting, Miami Heat NBC Championships, numerous Hurricanes and other breaking news stories in South Florida. In 2012, he received an Emmy Award for producing a documentary titled “March of the Living: Return to Auschwitz.”

By speaking with students, Miguel was able to bring first hand newsroom experience right into the classroom. In addition, he provided a depth of knowledge to MMS students.

Miami Media School thanks Miguel Fernandez for giving his time to meet with our students. Miguel Fernandez is also on the Program Advisory Committee for Miami Media School.