Most Essential Apps for Broadcasters

Most Essential Apps for Broadcasters

It is now possible to work as a journalist just about anywhere in the world without having hardware or large pieces of equipment. It is possible to serve as an international journalist with the help of a few essential broadcaster apps.

These apps can help you capture the story, record video, record your audio and do just about everything you might with a traditional broadcast truck. This way, whether you are just enrolling into broadcast school and want to be ready when the next story hits or you are already a professional, you can send the news information into the station quickly.

Here are the most essential apps for broadcasting.


Capturing high quality photographs is important, but you are not always going to have your high-end camera wrapped around your neck. Thankfully, this is not necessary as Pro HDR is a great application for you to use. Pro HDR provides more pronounced and distinctive shots than what the standard camera application on your phone is able to do. The application costs $1.99 and it is well worth the investment.


Beyond just capturing a quality image, you need to be able to edit and enhance the photograph. Now, this doesn’t mean Photoshop to edit images as using doctored photos wouldn’t be authentic journalism. However, this is a great application that allows you to improve the color, straighten photographs in case it is tilted, add text, include frames or use filters. It costs just $1.99.


This is a must if you want to become a mobile broadcast journalist. Dropbox automatically saves all of your photographs to the cloud so you can access these images later, whether from your mobile phone or your computer. There are times where you might misplace your phone, have it stolen, broken or something else go wrong with it. Instead of missing out on that once in a lifetime photograph, Dropbox instantly stores it so you don’t need to worry about it. This is a free application, although it is possible to pay for additional storage.


SoundCloud might be best known for allowing up-and-coming musicians to share their music with the world, but it also provides a quality audio recording feature. SoundCloud is another free application that makes it possible for you to record audio, edit and sweeten it so it sounds of the highest quality possible, which you can then add to video shots. It is your in-pocket studio.

TwistedWave Audio Editor

This app takes audio editing to the next level. The application allows you to record audio in a multitude of different formats, making it possible to record the highest quality audio possible. You also have more editing features as well, so if you are serious about recording audio, all you need to do is download this application. It sells for $9.99


This application, that costs $4.99, allows you to dictate your written script or journalistic report and then proof the text afterword. It does a good job at taking dictation, although you might still need to polish the text a bit. It is better than attempting to write everything out yourself with the little keyboard on the phone or on your tablet.