Pat Curry from WGN-TV visits with ICB Students

Pat Curry from WGN-TV visits with ICB Students

Pat CurryOn June 14th Pat Curry of WGN-TV9 News spoke at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting in downtown Chicago. Curry is the Managing Editor for WGN-TV. He is responsible for the coverage and content of news aired during the day. Curry’s news broadcasts are seen all over the United States. In Curry’s role at WGN, he has many responsibilities including supervision, coordination, editing, and directing. Curry started his career in the industry for NBC5 in 1985. He has many years of experience in the television industry and has worked with other anchors such as Ron Magers and Carol Marin.

Curry began his talk with students at guests at ICB by stressing the importance of an internship when looking to start a career in broadcasting industry. He told students that an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door to a radio or television station. Curry reminded students to never burn any bridges while doing internships, but rather to build relationships with future employers.

Curry told students and guests in the audience that the broadcasting industry is full of passionate people. He told students that even while assigned to answer the phone for an assignment editor, he was able to get noticed by being innovative and taking the initiative to write down stories people told him over the phone. He documented these ideas and leads and shared them with his colleagues. They saw his potential and appreciated his initiative and innovation. He told prospective broadcasters to grow and challenge yourself because it will make your job more exciting.

Curry said one mistake he made was waiting too long to have the boss notice him. He told his audience, “Unless you are promoting yourself, no one is listening. “ He said to make sure you state what you want and what you have done so that you have an opportunity for advancement. He also recommends that broadcasting students intern with small stations so that they are given the opportunity to do everything from production to web design to reporting. Curry told students to look into interning at his station, WGN Channel 9 as well, because they have a lot of different roles to be filled and are eager to help teach new skills. He said small station work would help prepare an intern for work at WGN since they have around 50 hours of news per week and two stations, interns are expected to jump into the action immediately.

Mr. Curry won the 2010 Tribune/WGN Employee of the year award for the Chicago Breaking News Center in collaboration with the Tribune Media Group. Mr. Curry has won four Emmy awards and received six nominations for covering breaking news stories. The Illinois Center for Broadcasting was honored to have Mr. Curry as a guest speaker for our students and guests and look forward to watching his career in broadcasting continue to grow.

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