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Advance Your career with our Media Sales & Marketing Program

The Media Sales and Marketing Program provides contemporary and traditional skills in digital marketing, terrestrial advertising, and new media branding. The program helps the beginner, intermediate, or experienced broadcast media professional become more competitive in a new media landscape. The program guides students in commercial writing and business communications skills, client relationship approaches, and sales presentations. The program also offers advanced education in contemporary advertising and marketing fields, social media marketing, mobile device advertising, and internet-based analytics to demonstrate results and outcomes of marketing campaigns.

Topics Covered in the Media Sales & Marketing Program

If you look at the most in-demand jobs in the market right now, you will find an excess of openings for media sales and marketing professionals. No matter the industry, every company needs a marketing and advertising team to get their products and services out into the world. Our digital marketing courses will prepare you with hands-on experience and leading industry strategies.

  • Role of the Media Marketing Professional: Formulate an understanding of careers in media marketing to select a career path you are passionate about.
  • Commercial Writing and Production: Generate real-world content for commercial businesses.
  • Sales Presentations and Client Relations: Learn how to forge positive relationships while training to become a confident live speaker.
  • Branding and Imaging in Social Media: Craft social media strategies based on a company’s brand, image and voice.
  • Sales Analytics and Results Management: Gain the skills needed to identify and predict sales trends in any given market.
  • Social Media and Digital Sales Tools: Learn to use the most powerful sales tools in the modern age to increase business profits.
  • Mobile Device Advertising: Master the implementation of advertising strategies on the one device people carry around all day.
  • The Future of Broadcasting: Gather industry tips about where broadcasting is heading and how you can make a stamp in the changing landscape.
  • Business Communications: Acquire the important skill of sharing information with peers and clients in a professional setting.
  • Sales and Management Final Project: Develop a cumulative final project that articulates your understanding of effective sales and marketing strategies.

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