Seven Moments Every Radio Broadcast Student Lives For

Seven Moments Every Radio Broadcast Student Lives For

Female presenter in radio station on air

There are seven moments every radio broadcast student lives for. A radio broadcast student trains daily to work in a world of audience participation. The profession is a lot of hard work and requires perseverance, but – every once in a while – a student gets the opportunity to live the broadcasters dream

Studying Your Favorite Movie

Most people have a movie or character within a movie they like. It is awesome when a broadcast student gets to study their all-time favorite movie and its characters. This is truly a popcorn event. You already know the characters by heart and every detail of the setting. You can even recite most of the dialogue. This is an assignment right off your wish list.

A Show with “No” Mistakes

Radio broadcast students long to do a broadcast with absolutely no mistakes. This happens occasionally, when you are in the zone. Everything seems to be going your way. No, mispronounced words, unreadable copy, and you get everyone’s name correct, no matter how strange the spelling.

No noise in the Studio

In the broadcasting studio, a quiet moment to reflect is an amazing moment. Clearing your head before a show or trying to figure out what went wrong during the event is special in the solitude of a sound studio.

Discovering You Have Fans

A radio broadcast student works hard and has dreams of being recognized for his or her work. This is usually not expected any time within the learning process. However, if it happens that someone should recognize the student and rave about their charismatic style, clearly, this is a stand-out moment!

Working in the Best Studio

No matter how hard you try, someone else always seems to beat you to the best sound studio. Just once you would like to hear your voice in surround sound and sit in a room where acoustics are as close to perfect as humanly possible. A radio broadcast student looks forward to such things.

Making the Discovery that You Actually Know What You Are Doing

Studying and meeting deadlines in and out of the classroom each day is expected. Throughout a school year the activities become routine. There is amazingly, a point when you realize you know what you are doing – and are glad to be doing it so well!

Free Tickets

When offered free tickets to events or backstage invitations, a radio broadcasting student has truly arrived. This is one of those seven moments every broadcast student lives for. Hearing about perks in the business is one thing, but finding yourself included in this stream of advantages is simply wonderful.