Seven Moments Every TV Broadcast Student Live For

Seven Moments Every TV Broadcast Student Live For

There are a lot of great moments that every TV broadcast student looks back on with fond memories. There’s nothing quite like having classmates envy your “homework” or be so jealous of your internship at the local television station that they very nearly turn green! Hearing everyone else griping about their hours and hours of reading dry, boring texts while your homework consists of watching some old black and white silent films really is enough to make you titter at their misfortune.

Here are seven great moments that every TV broadcast student lives for.

Gloating Over “Homework”

By the third or fourth week of any college semester, the griping has begun! Students can’t wait to moan to one another about heavy workloads, complicated theories, and that one professor who seemingly can’t function unless he’s assigning chapter upon chapter of stale, useless reading. And then there are the broadcast students, blithely sailing through movie after movie in a quest to understand the finer nuances of film noir.

Blissing Out in a Quiet Studio

Production studios are noisy, no matter the time of day or night. Broadcast students get the unique pleasure of an unexpectedly silent studio only once every so often. When it happens, it’s a truly beautiful thing… for a second, anyway.

Playing the Critic

It is part and parcel of broadcasting that you’re going to be on air sometimes. Your classmates will likely be the critics for your on-air performances. There will always be that one student who picks apart every single part of your performance with an eye to being as scathingly witty as they possibly can. Prospective broadcast students shouldn’t get too upset about this, because your scathingly witty buddy is going to have to go on air, too. And they’re going to stumble. And you’ll stand there with your fingers tented together, a la Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, saying “Excellent…”

Feeling the Ecstasy of Seamless Post-Production

There is a special joy in getting the post-production clips to line up just right, especially if it comes together fairly easily. Anyone can spend hours delicately tweaking multiple clips to get everything just right, but only the truly Herculean can get it right without breaking a sweat.
Well, maybe you weren’t so much Herculean, as very, very lucky, but just ignore that possibility. There’s no room for luck in broadcasting! It was your raw talent!
Getting to Go to the Show

The perks of working in television broadcasting can be pretty cool, too. Imagine getting tickets to a sold-out show for the biggest festival of the decade, just because you work for a TV station. Yeah, that happens. And it’s awesome.

Showing Off in Debates

There are few things guaranteed to make you better aware of current events as working in broadcast media. And woe to the soul who dares challenge you on topics ranging from which celebrity just got married, to what’s going on in local or national politics. Yes, working in television means you know pretty much everything.

Worshipping at the Feet of Famous Alumni

As a broadcast student, you’ll probably run into your share of famous alumni from your school. When this happens, fall down on your knees and proclaim your unworthiness to be in their presence. Just accept it. You’ll get to be in the room with them, what else could you possibly ask for?

TV Broadcast media is an ever-changing profession offering challenging problems, opportunities to be endlessly inventive, and more fun than just about any job you can imagine. Please contact the Media School in your area today to get started on your career in TV broadcasting!