The Top Five Chicago Cubs Broadcasters in History

The Top Five Chicago Cubs Broadcasters in History

Nothing says Chicago broadcasting quite like Cubs announcers. Throughout history, these men have had quite an influence on not just the city, but the entire country. Fans turn to their Cubs announcers for both entertainment and play-by-play action during baseball games.

Chicago’s Top Five Broadcastersharry caray

  1. Harry Caray: Harry has to be the all-time fan favorite. Famous for the phrase “Holy Cow!” along with his thick black glasses and enthusiastically singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh-inning stretch, Caray started his broadcasting career in the 1950s, but didn’t start with the Cubs. He actually bounced around broadcasting for a few different MLB teams before he landed his job with the Chicago team. Harry’s WGN TV broadcasts became a thing of legend, as they were shown nationwide, and he helped the Cubs create and cement the fan base they have today. A testament to Carry’s influence is his statue outside of Wrigley Field.
  2. Jack Brickhouse: Brickhouse covered a number of sports during his career, but was most famous for his TV coverage of both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs on WGN. Brickhouse, like Caray, was known for his catchphrases: “Look out now!” “Oh, brother!” and so on. Brickhouse started with WGN in 1948 and was at the forefront of a number of new broadcasting innovations. Brickhouse had called over 5,000 MLB games at the time of his retirement.
  3. Vince Lloyd: Lloyd became an announcer by accident; the announcer in the position previously, Jack Quinlan, died in a car accident during spring training that year, 1965. Previously, Lloyd had been a sidekick to Brickhouse.  His famous “Holy mackerel!” got him noticed, and earned him his own fan club.
  4. Steve Stone: While Steve did leave the Cubs and move to the White Sox, he’s still a Cubs’ fan favorite. He broadcasted 21 seasons for the Cubs and taught fans about baseball strategy. He even filled in while Harry Caray was out during 1987 after a stroke. He worked with celebrities with ease and was smooth as silk on air.
  5. Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies: While two separate men, the team of Kasper and Deshaies are a new Cubs’ fan favorite. They are a knowledgeable team with a sly wit and plenty of humor in their play-by-play calling. The two men consistently rank as fan favorites today.

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