Five Tips for Writing Unique TV Commercials

TV Commercials - Be on AirIt’s getting close to the Big Game, and that means we’ll be seeing a lot more ads. And more likely than not, the ads that play during the Big Game will be some of the best and most memorable ads of the year. This poses the question: What makes for a truly memorable TV commercial? Here’s a few thoughts to help focus your creative juices.


Tell Me A Story

Commercials are stories told in 25 seconds. You need to know how that story is going to progress from beginning to middle to end. Is it going to be a happy story or a sad one? What is it that will move the audience? This is the sort of thing that you work out when you’re writing a script, and it takes a lot of work to learn how to get everything down in those 25 seconds.


Sharp Focus

A commercial must be tightly focused. It needs to have the key point right there in front and carry it through all the way to the end. For example, a sports car commercial would focus on twisting turns and high-speed runs in straightaways, while a family car commercial would show lots of passengers and maybe a near-collision to show off-safety features.


Know Your Brand

When making a commercial, you need to be aware of the product and the brand that you’re representing. If it’s a product or brand with a solid reputation, look to previous commercials that keep a similar tone. If the customer wants a new approach to their brand, find out what they’re looking for and how best to achieve that vision.


Put A Face To The Name

If there’s one thing that can make or break a commercial or ad campaign, it’s a recognizable and iconic spokesperson. Think back on some of the most memorable commercials you know. Chances are, there was somebody acting as a spokesperson for the product or brand. Having a public “face” for a product goes a long way to improving that product’s reputation.


Know The Rules, Then Break Them

There are some folks who have a fetish about “breaking the rules.” And innovative ads are not always the ones that fit a tried and true formula. But before you make something like the Apple “1984” ad, study other ads. Work out the rules they operate under, and then break them to splinters.

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