What Do Audio Technicians Do?

What Do Audio Technicians Do?

The job title of Audio Technician is used to describe people who work in a variety of broadcasting and media fields who are responsible for capturing audio signals. This involves the setup and maintenance of audio equipment, including everything from the microphones and cables to the monitors, speakers and sound mixer.

In addition to the setup of equipment necessary for sound recording, audio technicians are also expected to troubleshoot and repair equipment that is damaged or faulty in order to continue recording with minimal disruption to the broadcast or recording session.

Audio Technician Responsibilities
In most cases, the position of audio technician is considered an entry-level way to get into the larger field of sound engineering. Audio technicians are needed for recording studios, live production venues, worship spaces, television and radio broadcasts and more. Each of these fields requires a specialized knowledge of the equipment and technology that is most often used to capture their audio and format it for the intended audience.

The audio technician typically works under a sound engineer who handles the final mixing and artistic creative process involved with audio production. Audio technicians will learn the basics of getting high-quality sound out of different types of equipment, as well as the environmental factors that impact sound quality, and how to overcome challenges within the recording space.

The sound engineer will then manipulate the gathered audio signals to create a mix that is pleasing to the ear and well balanced to the instruments, vocal channels and other incoming sounds.

With audio technicians being in high demand in so many different job fields, there are plenty of job opportunities available. On the one hand, an audio technician may decide to work full-time for a large venue as their primary source of equipment set-up and maintenance, or to contract with multiple local venues to design custom sound treatments for their needs.
Audio technicians who enjoy traveling may also have ample opportunity on the road with touring acts who need help setting up and tearing down equipment at each stop along the way.

Media School
If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an audio technician, and the jobs available to audio technicians down the road, contact the Media School location nearest you today. We will be able to give you a comprehensive guide to the skills and requirements for any successful audiophile to take their first step toward a career in sound engineering.