What is the National Association of Broadcasters?

What is the National Association of Broadcasters?

Have you always wanted to go into the broadcasting field? If so, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has something to offer you. It’s a great place to begin and many famous broadcasters made their start there.

What exactly is the NAB?

The NAB is a trade association representing the interests of broadcasters, both for radio and television. It began in 1922 under the name of National Association of Radio Broadcasters (NARB) but the name was changed in 1958 to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) to include television.

The NAB has worked long and hard to establish a commercial radio system in the United States, and because of that and its loyalty to that type of broadcasting, it has worked against satellite radio. In fact, it lobbied against companies such as XM and Sirius. When their merger took place in 2008, the NAB called such action a “potential monopoly.” They want to broaden commercial radio, not satellite radio.

However, the association also represents the interests of television broadcasters. They lobby against the cable and satellite television industry in order to promote the well-being of the commercial side of broadcasting.

Nation Association of Broadcasters Recognition

The National Association of Broadcasters has its own Hall of Fame, which includes such famous TV names as Ted Koppel, Regis Philbin and Bob Barker. On the radio side, you can find “Cousin Brucie” and Rick Dees.

Additionally, the National Association of Broadcasters gives out awards in various categories and the recipients of these awards enjoy the prestige and notoriety from these wins. It’s a career boost second to none. These awards are given to both radio personalities and radio stations, leaders in the radio industry and to those radio stations that achieve excellence in community service.

Being associated with the National Association of Broadcasters can be the feather in the cap of a person who wants to make it in that field. That have much to offer in terms of advice, lobbying for certain issues and they have a great reputation among industry leaders. They are the elite association for broadcasting.