What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You about Working in Media Marketing

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You about Working in Media Marketing

Wiki keys magnifying glass to find informationMedia marketing is a field unlike any other. It combines the research and ground work of journalism with the high stakes pressure of a live audience. Some people fall in love with the rush of hunting down a story and bringing it to an audience in a way that makes an impact and reaches into people’s lives. However, other people are shocked by some of the tense moments that they encounter in the field.

Nothing can quite prepare you until you’re there, but here are a few of the highlights of the career path you are about to embark on.

At First It Seems Slow

More than likely, the majority if your time in media marketing will be reading, interviewing and learning. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys learning about people, celebrities, cultures or world events, this can be highly satisfying. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for something fast paced and action packed, you will probably be frustrated in the beginning.

But When the Time Comes…

On the other hand, when it is time to take your broadcast live, the tension builds and the pressure is on. You have extremely tight deadlines to work with as well as a stringent set of rules and guidelines for good broadcasting practices. Thousands of people have their eyes on you, and the camera doesn’t stop rolling just because you slip up. Your presentation needs to be flawless and delivered on time, every time.

Oh, the Places You Will Go

Again, your career after broadcasting college may start off a little bit slow, but if you are dedicated to following this path, you can enjoy traveling to a wide range of places and meeting people from all walks of life. You will speak to the homeless, and with celebrities. You will witness some of the biggest events of the year first hand, and get to share your story with the world. That is an incredible opportunity at times, and also a potentially harrowing one depending on the situation.

Your Journey Begins Here

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