Why Blogging is an Important Component to Success as a Media Professional

Why Blogging is an Important Component to Success as a Media Professional

Blogging is a unique form of journalism and the internet has created an atmosphere that media professionals must use to communicate to the world at large, in addition to their broadcast presence.

As a professional in the media industry, blogging will give you an opportunity to express yourself as well as communicate important messages. Blogging can also increase your exposure and popularity, especially if you connect well with your audience.

Here are a few reasons why blogging is vitally important to your career as a media professional.

Demonstrate your expertise

When you blog using your own name, it gives you the opportunity to show your expertise on chosen subjects. It helps you in building your digital portfolio for your next job search. Your blog will give you the opportunity to write on anything you like, rather than just the subjects you normally report on.


With your blog you can express your feelings and show the world your full potential. The blog will be critical in demonstrating your personal voice as a media professional. It is also an opportunity to share behind the scenes stories and fun anecdotes that will connect you to your audience.


As a media professional you can use the blog to market yourself. When you create a brand around your name, it will help you throughout your media career. When your name has a strong reputation, future opportunities will be presented to help you move yourself up the career ladder. Constant communication on your blog will help propel you to better opportunities faster.

Blogging gives your audience the opportunity to comment on what you say, instead of being only passive listeners and/or viewers. This builds an online community and helps grow your audience.

Research shows that trust in journalism is low and that is often why the public is looking for different avenues to get news. With a blog, especially one on which you are actively communicating with readers, you build can build that all-important trust with your audience that will make them want to stick with you.