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OICB Broadcasting Schools Blog

Nielsen Ratings Explained Chances are, even if you just have an interest in broadcasting and haven’t started up your educational career or professional life yet, you have heard of the Nielsen ratings. Television reports, news broadcasts and other outlets use Nielsen ratings to indicate how popular a program is. But what exactly are the Nielsen ratings and how...
Famous TV Broadcasters: Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite was the king of newscasters during the 1960s and into the early 1980s. So familiar was his face and voice that many polls over the years named him the “most trusted man in America.” Even Presidents paid attention to what he had to say on the CBS Evening News, to the extent that...
Five Struggles Only Broadcasters Understand Broadcasting, like many industries, has its own challenges that few outside of the business know about, let alone comprehend. Here’s a look at five situational struggles which are unique to broadcasting. 1. Clapper/Slate Information The clapper/slate needs to have specific pieces of information: The key number that matches the number the ad is booked under....