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Digital Media Production

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32 Weeks

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Program Overview

Digital Media Production is so much more than just a catchphrase – it’s an exhilarating world of media and entertainment creation that provides endless opportunities to get creative and put your media knowledge to work! Our Digital Media Production Program gives students the critical skills they need to succeed in this ever-evolving industry, from hands-on training in digital storytelling and visual content to real-world production settings. With our Digital Media Production Program, you’ll get to explore the essentials of digital storytelling, branding, imaging, and more through real-world experience. By taking courses related to branding, marketing, and imaging, you’ll merge theory with practice for a comprehensive education that can help you launch or propel a career in media. Our program offers flexible options whether you are a recent graduate trying something new, a career-changer looking for a dramatic shift, or an experienced professional eager to become even better at what they do.

Digital media production isn’t just serious business – it’s full of fun too! Join us today and discover the endless possibilities of content creation.

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REAL-World Media Studios 

Unleash Your Talents!

Unleash your talents in our unique laboratory settings! Our media studios and internet radio stations offer a variety of awe-inspiring environments for media production, from audio, video, and streaming media to podcasting. Plus, get the added bonus of real remotes and live events as you bring your creative visions alive with industry-relevant technology available at your fingertips.

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REAL-World “ACTIVATOR” Experiences

Gain Invaluable Experience!

Pursue powerful, real-world experiences with ACTIVATOR! With hands-on internship programs and exclusive media collaborations with local radio, TV, and production facilities across our seven-school network – you’ll gain invaluable real-world work experiences. Get ready for live remotes and exciting live production events that put your skills directly into action – all as part of the ACTIVATOR program. Welcome to a fantastic journey ahead!

The Beonair network of Media Schools Experiential Learning Icon

Real-Time Learning

Discover Your Creative Potential!

Our ACTIVATOR curriculum is a one-of-a-kind experience. Learning comes alive through our hands-on, project-based media production and entertainment courses! Our students get the support they need from professional mentors while working with industry-relevant tools and technology within fully equipped radio and TV studios and web-based computer labs. Immerse yourself in this journey to discover your creative potential – unlock it by taking part in our action-packed projects!

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REAL Media Pros

Learn From A Pro To Be A Pro!

If you’re looking to become a pro in the world of entertainment and broadcast media, look no further! REAL Media Pro Instructors have got your back. Our amazing team are proven professionals with serious experience – ranging from on-air radio personalities to local TV celebs, even social & digital content creators. So if it’s top-tier instruction that you need, then these pros will be sure to work their magic so YOU can Be A Pro too!

The Beonair Network of Media Schools Real Career Prep Icon

REAL-Life Career Prep

Graduate With A Head Start On Your Career!

Want to give your career a head start before graduating? Our Digital Media Production Program is the perfect way! You’ll gain essential technical skills, receive support in writing resumes and preparing for interviews, and access our incredible alumni network plus inspiring guest speakers at regular events – all designed to get you seen by prominent companies. To top it off, we also help create an impressive audition media package combined with a self-branded website so employers can tap into your talent straight away – don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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Real Flexibility

Stay Ahead of the Curve-Advance Your Career Ambitions!

The Digital Media Production program is ideal for students who want a competitive edge in the cutting-edge media industry or those looking to stay relevant in an ever-changing media industry. With an emphasis on adaptability, this course can ensure you stay ahead of the curve and become ready for whatever possibilities come your way – whether it’s commandeering a variety of job roles or honing into one specific area that sparks joy within you! Don’t miss out: join us today and take your career ambitions full speed ahead.

Digital Media Production Courses and Classes Overview

As one of our newest program offerings, Digital Media Production was specifically designed to serve the needs and interests of a variety of students. If you are hoping to pursue a career in the media industry, including in film, television, or radio, this program offers exceptional insight into your potential future. You’ll learn how the various mediums are used to build a brand online through the creation of a targeted strategy that involves planning, creating, launching, and analyzing the effectiveness of your initiatives.  For new and experienced media enthusiasts alike, joining our Digital Media Production program can be pivotal in achieving your professional dreams.

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Social Media & Digital Sales Tools

Master the art of modern marketing with our brilliant course!
Learn an array of tactics to seamlessly leverage social media and digital sources, such as creating campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram. Plus, discover how to use mobile apps like Google Feedburner for app placement in tools like Pandora – so you can create a powerful blended sales strategy that will amplify your brand’s reach beyond traditional terrestrial advertising.

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Digital Web Production

 Learn how to create powerful messages and blend them into compelling audio-visual experiences.
Master the art of commercial copywriting and production methods for web-based applications. We’ve got your music and sound effects covered too! Of course, no project would be complete without proper digital editing techniques – those are included in our curriculum so that when it comes time for delivery on the Web, you know exactly what steps to take.

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Commercial Writing & Production

Unleash your creative talents in Commercial Writing & Production!
Learn how to craft compelling marketing campaigns that drive attention-grabbing results. We’ve got all the scoop on crafting effective commercials – from mastering storytelling techniques and honing persuasive writing skills to understanding the power of succinctness while keeping listeners’ focus intact. Plus, we’ll give an overview of general business writing so you can hit the ground running right away.

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Branding & Imaging in Social Media

Are you ready to join the digital media elite and show off your savvy writing skills?
In this course, tap into a master wordsmith within – learn how to craft compelling messages that travel across multiple platforms; leverage hashtags for maximum reach and impact (or create some of your own); maintain product branding and personal image with clever brand management. It’s time to demonstrate what it takes – unleash yourself on social media!

Entertainment & media Production Icon

Entertainment & Media Production

Students hone their storytelling, filming, audio engineering, and video editing prowess as they put all these talents to the test for applied projects in entertainment media. You will get an inside look at how a music video is made- from on-location shooting using nonlinear technology to creating graphics with digital switches & animating titles, working with layered backgrounds & special effects, plus enhancing lower third graphics. And last but not least – diving into the nitty gritty details behind what it takes to produce a talk show program: researching content, producing highlights, and coming up with top-notch packages!

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Audio & Video Production

You will look inside the exciting world of audio, video, and commercial production!
Throughout, explore all aspects of crafting compelling radio commercials – from writing punchy copy to adding that extra zing with music & sound effects. Plus, hands-on experience operating TV control room equipment, studio cameras, teleprompters field cameras, and using tripods and light kits when shooting video out in the wild! By the end of it all, Students wrap up by recording their own professional quality TV commercial…talk about bragging rights!

Career Outlook

What career fields can be a good fit for Digital Media Production program graduates?

Our Digital Media Production program is designed to equip graduates with a diverse skill set that can be applied to various entry-level positions throughout the digital media industry. You’ll build a comprehensive understanding of the field through in-classroom learning and hands-on experiences, empowering you to pursue your chosen career path. 

For prospective students that want to maximize the versatility of their education, our Digital Media Production program can be a great match. Or, if you are still narrowing down your potential career options, this program can be extremely helpful in pinpointing your specific interests and passions – so you can begin working towards the job of your dreams.

Graduates of the Digital Media Production program are prepared for a broad range of entry-level jobs in media, including fields such as:

      • Advertising
      • Web design
      • Graphic design
      • Computer illustration
      • Animation
      • Television
      • Radio
      • Internet-based media
      • Audio production
      • Video production
      • Copywriting
      • Social media strategy
      • Podcasting

What is the career outlook for digital media?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in media and communication are expected to grow by nearly 15% between 2020 and 2030. That’s significantly faster than the national average for all types of occupations and is slated to produce more than 150,000 new jobs across the country. Technological advances will continue to fuel demand for these jobs, and it is expected that new roles – job types that may not even exist yet – will expand at a similarly fast and furious pace.

What types of jobs in digital media will this program prepare me for?

Above all, our Digital Media Production program is designed to serve a multitude of student interests and needs by introducing participants to an incredibly wide variety of concepts. Whether you have recently graduated from high school, are seeking a career change, or are already a media professional looking to diversify your skills, the program can be an invaluable learning experience. 

So, what does this mean for your career prospects after graduation? Essentially, your job options will be as varied as the areas of study you’ll cover during the program.

Our program alumni have gone on to achieve their goals and find success in an array of fields and careers. In fact, you can find alumni in exciting professional positions such as:

      • Broadcast, sound, and video technicians: Set up and operate various media equipment needed for filming, recording, and other production processes.
      • Editors: Plan content, review, and make targeted revisions for publication.
      • Film/video editors: Work with the video content in post-production, perfecting every frame and enhancing media as needed to suit a specific creative vision or purpose.
      • Graphic designers: Create visual media content, including logos, advertisements, educational materials, and more.
      • Technical writers: Produce content needed for technical use, such as journal articles, instruction manuals, and how-to guides, using a highly specific approach to writing to clearly communicate complex information.
      • Copywriters: Create written content for many purposes, including press releases, web advertisements, blog articles, social media marketing, and more.
      • Social media strategists: Develop and implement marketing strategies for businesses, specifically focused on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

One of the biggest benefits of studying Digital Media Production is that the possibilities are virtually limitless. Because media has become a mainstay in nearly every aspect of our lives, including education, entertainment, news, advertising, and more, it is possible to find media-focused jobs in nearly any industry you can think of. Also, there is considerable potential for starting your own business or working as a freelancer in your chosen field.


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