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There are two overall areas within promotions: People who represent the station out at events, and people who produce promotional messages about the station. Working at station event promotions is a great entry-level start, and radio stations especially hire many of these positions. Producing promotional messages usually requires some experience, as a higher-level of skill in editing digital audio files is required.

Morning Show Host

This is premiere the “talent” job in radio: the morning show is usually considered the most important broadcast of the day, therefore the morning show host(s) are the most promoted personalities.
Usually there’s at least one co-host, and lots of preparation goes into making the show entertaining and info-packed in between the songs, commercials and other standard elements of the program.

Board Operator

Once you know how to operate an audio mixing board, which is the first piece of equipment you’ll come to know in radio broadcasting, you can help out in this position.
A beginning board operator is usually paired with the host of a talk-type radio show, and this position keeps the talent on time with commercials, facilitates the playback of recorded elements, sometimes fields phone calls, and ensures a clean broadcast of the program.

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