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Careers in Television

Floor Director

This is a terrific entry level position since you work directly with the talent and develop skills in live television production. This position cues the talent as to when to talk, points out which camera to face, and generally acts as the middleman between the producer and/or director in the control room and the talent.

Production Assistant

Another great way to start working in television because a production assistant gets to do many different tasks and is always in a position to be helpful. This position is also referred to as a “Utility” because they wrap cables, fetch supplies and equipment and generally pitch in with whatever needs to be done to make the production go smoothly.

One of the advantages of starting as a production assistant is the wide variety of experience you can get and the presumption that you’ll move up from there into an area of expertise.

Executive Producer

This is the person who oversees the entire broadcast, or department. The EP usually supervises the producers who write the scripts, guide the “talent” or anchors and reporters, and determine which elements of the broadcast air in what order. The Executive Producer is the “buck stop” person…in that he or she is ultimately responsible for what goes out over the air.

Besides, “old school” talent-types who think a tweet is still something a bird does, need to have this presence for their fans/followers, and often someone will be hired just to be that twitter ghost-poster. Want to get started on your path to a career in Television? Get more information from The Media Schools today!

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