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Film & Video Production Program

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Film & Video Production

Our film production modules that are part of the program offer you all the tools you’ll need to succeed behind the lens or in front of the camera. Ready to take your film production career to the next level?

Whether you’re a film producer, film editor, or on a camera crew, or recent graduate, we have the courses, state of the industry tools, and professionally taught classes to help you further your education.



We can help you pursue your passion and take your film production career to the next level! At M&S Media Schools, our Film & Video Production program will empower you to advance your education and career.



The Film and Video Production Program provides contemporary and traditional skills in modern production of digital video content. The program helps the intermediate, or experienced multimedia professional learn more about modern styles and technical skills.



The program prepares students for their field with history, pre-productions, shooting, and editing skills. This program offers advanced education with the ever changing contemporary techniques of lighting, shooting, and editing.



Our film production courses provide students with all the tools they need to succeed behind the lens or in front of the camera. Best of all, many of our film modules give students the chance to put their learned skills into action and build an impressive portfolio.


Dream Big

Whether you’re an aspiring film producer, film editor, or a recent graduate exploring your options, M&S Media Schools has the courses, state-of-the-industry tools, and professionally taught classes you want and need.



At our film school, you won’t find boring lecture halls or unhappy classmates. You’ll just find teachers and students who are doing what they love!

Video Production Courses and Classes Overview

The video production course is an ideal fit for students interested in pursuing careers in the television and film industries and offers a wide variety of learning opportunities to suit your goals. Virtually every student that envisions themselves in the industry, regardless of their dream job, will gain valuable insight into what it’s like to work in video production. Whether you’ve been studying the field for quite some time or have yet to take your first video production class, you can be confident that joining our video production program is a step in the right direction towards your dreams.

What Topics are Covered in Our Video Production Classes?

The world of media is ever-evolving, so we’re constantly updating our video production courses to keep pace with ongoing advancements. You can expect to learn about a wide variety of subjects throughout the program, as well as complete assignments and projects that help you build practical knowledge about the field. Our goal is to blend in-class instruction with hands-on learning experiences, giving you the best of both worlds for a truly well-rounded education in video production.

Here are some examples of the concepts that students enrolled in video production courses in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Miami explore:

  • Understanding and implementing principles of visual aesthetics
  • How to use industry-related equipment
    • Cameras
    • Lighting
  • Practicing shooting and editing
  • Mastering pre-production processes
    • Screenwriting (story elements, characters, settings, formatting, etc.)
    • Storyboarding
    • Editing
    • FX
  • Becoming skilled as post-production processes
    • Editing
    • FX
  • Learning the various roles and responsibilities on-set
  • Discovering new trends in the industry

The Media Schools located in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Miami are dedicated to preparing students for an exciting career in the media industry. Our video production classes in Miami, Cincinnati, Chicago, and beyond are designed to combine hands-on experiences with course content, delivering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to truly dive into the field. With the guidance of our talented instructors, you’ll find yourself learning the ins and outs of the world of video production – and once you graduate, you’ll have your entire future waiting for you.

Don’t put off your dreams any longer; take your first steps towards your career by enrolling in the Media Schools’ video production program today. Contact our team for more details about enrollment and admissions, and let us help you get started as soon as possible.

“If you are thinking about a career in the broadcasting field, you definitely need to check out The Illinois Center for Broadcasting. It’s where Broadcasting Careers begin!”
-Summer Jackson | Segment Producer / On Air Talent WCIU-TV

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Topics Covered

Study the fascinating history of film and television production, and learn from the best filmmakers to date.

Gain the skills needed to produce a motion picture that captivates the eyes and ears of your audience.

Find out how to master everything that needs to happen before the cameras start rolling so that you can maximize your recording time.

Learn how to properly light a variety of scenes for film in order to produce the most visually appealing shots and videos.

Get hands-on experience in various roles on set so you can experience different jobs and responsibilities in the film industry.

Get trained on video editing and post-production techniques that will help you turn your raw footage into a true masterpiece.

Become a go-to guru for post-production and FX so you can strengthen your resume and stand out from the competition.

Find out what trends you can expect to see in the future of broadcasting and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Create a well-produced and carefully edited video that you can add to your personal portfolio.

Time to Stop Thinking About It And Do Something

Take the first step toward achieving your dream career in the exciting field of media by applying to the Media Schools today. Our campuses offer financial assistance for those who qualify, as we firmly believe that career dreams should be attainable for everyone. If you have any questions about our programs or locations, simply contact our offices for more information. No matter your needs, we’ll help to ensure that you are capable of attaining the career you’ve been dreaming of!

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What Makes Our Film and Video Program Different

Our Film and Video Production Program is among the best in the country because it is incredibly comprehensive. It teaches both contemporary and traditional skills in modern production of digital video content to ensure that students learn all of the industry’s best practices. The program also helps the intermediate or experienced multimedia professional learn more about modern styles and technical skills that are being used today.

This versatile film program also prepares students for their field by teaching them everything they need to know about film history, pre-productions, shooting, and editing skills. It also offers advanced education that align with the ever-changing contemporary techniques of lighting, shooting, and editing.

What is a Video Producer?

Are still curious about what exactly a video producer does? As a member of a video production team, the producer is the problem solver who oversees the film in pre-production, production and post-production. They manage the budget and forecast the expenses of the video production, while at the same time securing permits for filming, securing locations and scheduling studio time. They also have many other exciting responsibilities that vary by project. Our video production certificate programs teach you how to become an expert at all of these job duties.


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