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Video Production & Film Classes in Miami, FL

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Video Production & Film Classes in Miami, FL

The quest begins with a simple entry into a search engine that reads “film schools near me.” That is when another budding film school student begins exploring what it might be like to get involved with the lessons they need to learn to become involved in the filmmaking industry.

If that is where you have found yourself, we want to offer you the opportunity to learn the skills you need to succeed in the filmmaking industry.



We can help you pursue your passion and take your film production career to the next level! At M&S Media Schools, our Film & Video Production program will empower you to advance your education and career.



The Film and Video Production Program provides contemporary and traditional skills in modern production of digital video content. The program helps the intermediate, or experienced multimedia professional learn more about modern styles and technical skills.



The program prepares students for their field with history, pre-productions, shooting, and editing skills. This program offers advanced education with the ever changing contemporary techniques of lighting, shooting, and editing.



Our film production courses provide students with all the tools they need to succeed behind the lens or in front of the camera. Best of all, many of our film modules give students the chance to put their learned skills into action and build an impressive portfolio.


Dream Big

Whether you’re an aspiring film producer, film editor, or a recent graduate exploring your options, M&S Media Schools has the courses, state-of-the-industry tools, and professionally taught classes you want and need.



At our film school, you won’t find boring lecture halls or unhappy classmates. You’ll just find teachers and students who are doing what they love!

What is Covered in Our Classes?

The media world is always changing, and our goal is to ensure that our classes keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies. When taking classes at BeOnAir Media schools, you can expect to learn about a wide range of media-related subjects and receive hands-on experience in the various subjects you need to learn about to do well in the industry.

A few of the types of things that are covered in our classes include the following:

  • How to Use Industry-Related Equipment – Everything from how to use cameras, lighting equipment, and auditory equipment, you can learn it all when you take the classes you need to make a splash in the industry.
  • Handling the Pre-Production Process – There are certain elements of the pre-production process that also need to be mastered to create a media masterpiece. Everything from screenwriting to editing is covered in this part of the process. You can learn about all of these processes within the classes that we offer.
  • Learn About New Trends in the Industry – The trends that take over the industry must be followed carefully. That’s why we focus on helping our students learn about the newest trends as they come up in the industry. This will help keep them ahead of the curve and provide their audiences with the expert knowledge necessary to create an outstanding product.

These are just a few things we can guarantee are offered in all our classes. However, there is even more that all our students will benefit from when they sign up for classes.

You can expect to get a thorough grounding in the basics, such as using the different kinds of equipment you’ll work with, navigating the pre- and post-production processes, and how visual aesthetics affect your work. At the same time, you will also learn about the current trends, so you can finish your education ready to enter the field today.


“If you are thinking about a career in the broadcasting field, you definitely need to check out The Illinois Center for Broadcasting. It’s where Broadcasting Careers begin!”
-Summer Jackson | Segment Producer / On Air Talent WCIU-TV

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Stop Dreaming About It and Start Doing It

Many of us are held back by our desire to join the film industry. We allow ourselves to believe that it is meant for someone else and that we cannot get involved in the industry in any real capacity. However, nothing could be further from the truth. We all have a responsibility to take steps in the right direction towards reaching our goals.

When you sign up for classes with BeOnAir Media, you are telling yourself that you are ready to explore what it takes to get involved in the industry. Importantly, the lessons you learn in our classes can help you get involved in a large variety of roles within the industry. For example, you might consider using your skills to get a job as a:

  • Storyboard specialist
  • Editor
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Camera operator

The list goes on, but the point is that the lessons you learn at BeOnAir Media schools can be used to secure various types of work. No matter what your dream is for joining the filmmaking industry, allow us to help provide you with the leg up you need to make that dream a reality.

For more information on signing up for classes at one of our schools, please contact us with your questions. We are happy to provide you with the answers that you require.

Time to Stop Thinking About It And Do Something

Take the first step toward achieving your dream career in the exciting field of media by applying to the Media Schools today. Our campuses offer financial assistance for those who qualify, as we firmly believe that career dreams should be attainable for everyone. If you have any questions about our programs or locations, simply contact our offices for more information. No matter your needs, we’ll help to ensure that you are capable of attaining the career you’ve been dreaming of!

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