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Careers in Sports Broadcasting


Sports Talk Radio Host

Do you keep up with sports and love talking about them? Do you want your opinions to be heard? With a career in sports talk radio, you can share your knowledge of the games you love with the world while earning a living in an industry you are excited about. Demand for talented broadcasters is high, with radio being consumed in more ways than ever before. Satellite and streaming radio, podcasts and live broadcasts, there are more opportunities than ever to share your sports expertise and to become someone’s new favorite radio personality.

As a sports talk radio host, you will create new show concepts as well as seek out newsworthy stories to entertain your audience. Research is a big part of this career, but with great love and vast knowledge of sports, you are sure to enjoy every minute of it. You will also spend time talking with your audience directly, either via social media channels or by taking listener phone calls, as well as interviewing athletes, coaches and other professionals in the field, all while building your brand, growing your fan base, and becoming a talk radio staple!



Sports Broadcaster

Sports broadcasting is an exciting field that allows you to share your opinions on the air, engaging with sports professionals and listeners in a dynamic and evolving industry. If you love to predict the outcomes of sports games, discuss statistics, and re-cap jaw-dropping plays, you are the perfect candidate for a career in sports broadcasting. There are numerous opportunities in sports broadcasting to get excited about; whether you want to work on-screen or over the radio waves, with television and radio as well as emerging media such as podcasts, streaming live video, and internet radio there are endless possibilities. In this ever-changing, competitive field, you will be challenged as you expand your sports knowledge, striving to be the first to break big stories while developing your on-air persona and keeping your audience entertained.

As a sports broadcaster, you will spend your days sharing sports news with your audience, adding in your personal touch and utilizing your athletic comprehension to educate, interest, and immerse your audience in the story. You will provide game commentary, interview players, and coaches, and discuss team histories and player backgrounds. There is a lot to do off the air as well, where you will research up and coming players, statistics, find new stories to cover, and much more. The field of sports broadcasting is an exciting one, guaranteed to keep you busy entertaining listeners, as well as researching and discussing your favorite sports. Be On Air can help to prepare you for a career in sports broadcasting, with locations nationwide and partnerships with major broadcasting companies.

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