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Sports Broadcasting Program

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You watch all the games. You know all the players. You regularly listen to sports announcers, and you would love nothing more than to have a similar job in the sports industry.

However, the competition for sports broadcaster jobs is fierce. To succeed in this field, you must have hands-on training and a clear understanding as to how the sports industry really operates. By participating in our Sports Broadcasting Program, you can gain the skills, advantages and insights you need to succeed as a sports broadcaster.

“If you are thinking about a career in the broadcasting field, you definitely need to check out The Illinois Center for Broadcasting. It’s where Broadcasting Careers begin!”
-Summer Jackson | Segment Producer / On Air Talent WCIU-TV

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 What is a Sports Broadcaster

A sports broadcaster, or sportscaster, is a professional who reports on athletic events via webcast, radio or television. Within the field, the exact type of broadcasting can vary. Sportscasters who specialize in providing running commentary can be one of two types, and the majority of modern sporting events will feature them both. The first type is the play-by-play announcers who supply the continuing narrative that runs as a common thread throughout the event. The second type is the color commentators who provide background information about the event’s participants, rules and history.expect.

Any fledgling sports broadcaster who hopes to succeed at this attractive career needs to understand the intricate ways in which the industry actually operates and functions. There are tricks to this trade, and before you can ever get a foot in the door, you’ll have to learn them. That’s what sports broadcasting schools like M&S Media School are all about. Our Sports Broadcasting Program will help you acquire the trifecta of skills that every sportscaster needs to possess: talent, enthusiasm, and education.

Topics in Our Sports Broadcasting Program

Find out everything you need to know about the history, current state and future of broadcasting so that you can learn how to succeed in the industry.

Learn the basics of operating a studio and editing your own film so that you can feel comfortable working in a studio environment.

Develop your career as a sportscaster with hands-on training and networking opportunities that will strengthen your personal brand.

Learn the fundamental skills required to film and produce high-quality videos that will captivate audiences everywhere.

Become an expert at writing compelling stories and hone your speaking skills so that you can tell stories in a truly engaging way.

Learn how to produce and share sports stories for radio and web so that you can share your stories across various mediums.

Polish your sales, promotions and marketing skills to garner awareness for your videos and improve ratings.

Learn internet marketing best practices and understand how to analyze web results so that you can grow your viewing audience.

Find out how to accurately report on and film sports news updates so that you can build trust with your audience.

Gain hands-on experience with the latest video production software tools that will help you produce powerful, unique videos.

Discover how to produce videos specifically for sports and entertainment that look just as good as the professionals.

Let us help you find and secure reputable internships as a sports broadcaster while taking our sports broadcasting courses so that you can build your resume.

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Take the first step toward achieving your dream career in the exciting field of media by applying to the Media Schools today. Our campuses offer financial assistance for those who qualify, as we firmly believe that career dreams should be attainable for everyone. If you have any questions about our programs or locations, simply contact our offices for more information. No matter your needs, we’ll help to ensure that you are capable of attaining the career you’ve been dreaming of!

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