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Looking to expand your Audio Production career path?

The Audio Production program provides an entry into the field of studio-based audio recording and production. The course hones the student’s skills in audio editing and engineering, and applies that skill to the in-studio recording environment. Students learn theory of acoustics, electronics, and audio components, and they learn to record, track, mix, and master music within an audio facility. Importantly, students learn the industry standard audio engineering software and practice that software through the courses in the program. The course also provides instruction on the music and broadcasting industries, and the range of professional opportunity as an audio engineer and music business professional.

Main Topics Covered in Program

  • Introduction to Acoustics and Electronics
  • Studio Recording 1: ProTools Environment
  • Studio Recording 2: Tracking
  • Studio Recording 3: Mixing & Mastering
  • Intro to Audio Components and Equipment
  • Business 1: Fundamentals of Music Business
  • Business Communications
  • Audio Engineering Final Project

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