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Careers in Emerging and Digital Media


Web Content Contributor

This covers just about anybody working in broadcasting these days – as it seems that all employees are being asked to contribute to the website. For radio personalities, it’s usually to update an individual “talent” page…with both written copy and pictures or video.

In news, you might be asked to write a quick blog on a story you covered, or an additional angle to the story for the website.

And the folks in charge know that video and pictures make the content richer and more “sticky”. That’s what adds value to the media website when the Account Executives work to sell ads on its pages.


Social Media Coordinator

Many companies are hiring people in this category to help them carve out a meaningful, relevant presence on Facebook, You Tube or Twitter. Marketers have learned that these messages can be powerful if they’re done correctly, so a skilled professional who knows how, when, what to post can work some marketing magic…in a way that doesn’t cost the company money.

Besides, “old school” talent-types who think a tweet is still something a bird does, need to have this presence for their fans/followers, and often someone will be hired just to be that twitter ghost-poster.


Internet Producer

People in this position are generally responsible for an entire area of a company’s website, to make sure it’s current, relevant and sticky enough to help the metrics. This position requires strong writing skills, a decent knowledge of design, and video production skills.

The relevant research shows that anything visual creates more interest so the same skills required to produce quality broadcast television content applies here as well. Looking to get started on your path to a career in Emerging or Digital Media? Get more information from The Media Schools today!

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