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Radio & TV Broadcasting

Learn and be involved in every step of radio and TV broadcasting. We will show you the on-camera process dealing with everything from wardrobe to delivery. We teach our students about proper technology usage, such as what is the proper microphone to use for different situations. You will be immersed in the process, learning everything down to creating and maintaining web content, and learning the ins and outs of sales and promotion.

Suppose you’ve ever dreamed of building a broadcasting career on a TV network, radio, or streaming media. In that case, our broadcasting program will prepare you to dive into a highly competitive industry. Throughout the 8-month degree program, you’ll build a diverse range of skills that will help you stand out from other new graduates in the field. After completion, you’ll be ready to take your next steps towards an exciting and promising career.

For some of our students, their career dreams are focused on finding a future as a local newscaster or a news anchor on a national network. But for others, it’s the behind-the-scenes work that calls to them, whether their ideal job is as a sales manager, engineer, producer, or writer. Whatever aspect of radio and TV broadcasting you find interesting, beginning with education makes a world of difference.

What about learning what it takes to become a professional podcaster? Determination and talent are useful, but knowledge and experience are key. To keep pace with the rapidly-expanding media world, we’ve expanded our program content to include course content and hands-on experiences that can help you discover how to become a podcaster. Streaming radio, podcasting, and other broadcasting technology advancements are transforming the way media are consumed – and our programs will keep you ahead of the game.

Digital Media Production

The 8-month Digital Media Production program prepares an individual to gain entry-level employment in the media industry. Students learn the art, craft, and technology of audio production, digital video production, web development, and social media. The program offers hands-on production experience coupled with a strong theoretical foundation taught by working professionals and guided by experienced career services advisors.

Media Sales & Marketing

Using a blend of contemporary and traditional skills, we teach our students about digital marketing, terrestrial advertising, and new media branding. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge to prepare them to be confident and competitive in the media landscape.

Media sales and marketing professionals are among the most in-demand in the field, with access to an impressive wealth of job openings worldwide. Digital marketing is growing rapidly and furious, with no shortage of opportunities for new graduates to see their career dreams take flight. Whether you already have some experience in the field or are just getting your start, our degree program will arm you with the skills necessary for success.

One of the distinguishing elements of our media sales & marketing program is that it doesn’t just tackle the most obvious of professional competencies – you’ll also learn how to navigate relationships with clients, network within the industry, and more. You’ll also get an insider perspective on becoming an influencer as we teach you about the importance of branding and the power of your online presence.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get into marketing or envision yourself as blazing an unconventional career path as a digital influencer, your path starts here and now.

Sports Broadcasting

With an incredibly large sports fan base in the US, the industry of sports broadcasting is great for those who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. At Be On Air, we prep sports broadcasting students by showing them the various avenues of sports broadcasting and the different real-time broadcasting styles used during live games. Sports broadcasters aren’t only passionate about sports but are also knowledgeable about players, stats, and rules to give the audience a fully immersive experience in the game.

Turn your love for the game into a viable, long-term career by beginning with a strong educational foundation. Our sports broadcasting degree program blends curriculum content and hands-on experiences to truly prepare you for entry into the industry, giving you an advantage right from the start.

Sports broadcasting is a field that’s as complex as it is intensely competitive, whether you’re interested in working in television, radio, or streaming services. Much like a championship game, the stakes are high when your dream is to be a sports broadcaster – so why not give yourself the best chance for success? Here, you’ll delve into every aspect of sports broadcasting, exploring everything from reporting and ratings to production and writing. As a result, you’ll be ready to jump into the professional path that appeals to you most.

Audio Production

In our audio production program, students will be involved in every audio process from skills in editing and engineering as well as in-depth work with equipment and the latest audio technology. You will be involved in every process included in creating and mixing audio production with the in-studio application.

Learn how to get a job at a podcasting network, recording studio, television or radio network, or even in a film by strengthening your audio production abilities. Whether it’s the soundtrack for a favorite film or the latest in cutting-edge sound effects that have piqued your interest, our audio production program could be a thrilling turning point for your future. You’ll spend time in an actual recording studio – not just sitting in a classroom – and will emerge from the program with a unique skill set that makes you an in-demand job candidate from day one.

Film and Video Production

Our film and video production program immerses students in the industry; whether you have some knowledge or none about this industry, our classes are designed to take any student’s skills to the next level to ensure the best preparation to enter into a career. In this program, you will learn a wealth of useful information from film history to every step involved in pre-production, production, and post-production. Giving our students a complete scope of information.

Working as a producer requires vision, creativity, and innovation, but industry know-how and tangible skills are just as critical. It’s no longer enough to simply be enthusiastic about production; now, you have to bring good experience and education to the table. Through our film and video production program, you’ll gain a detailed understanding of this constantly shifting industry, in addition to job-specific techniques and knowledge.

Hispanic Media Broadcasting

Hispanic media broadcasting is also an incredibly large part of the broadcasting industry in general. In this program, students will learn important information and skills surrounding proper studio terms, legal requirements, and a fully comprehensive program diving into formats, trends, and principles of performance. Through this program, we at the schools of The Media School, located in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Miami aim to place our graduating students in their perfect entry job to begin their career.

After completing our Hispanic media program, your professional possibilities will range from director or producer to sales rep or on-screen talent. And because you participated in a program specifically designed to focus on the nuances of Hispanic media broadcasting, you’ll be particularly well-prepared to pursue the career best suited to you.

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