Interested in Film or Video? Advance your education
by taking the Film & Video Production program.

Our film production modules that are part of the program offer you all the tools you’ll need to succeed behind the lens or in front of the camera. Ready to take your film production career to the next level?

Whether you’re a film producer, film editor, or on a camera crew, or recent graduate, we have the courses, state of the industry tools, and professionally taught classes to help you further your eduction.

Looking to expand your career in Film or Video?

The Film and Video Production Program provides contemporary and traditional skills in modern production of digital video content. The program helps the intermediate, or experienced multimedia professional learn more about modern styles and technical skills. The program prepares students for their field with history, pre-productions, shooting, and editing skills. This program offers advanced education with the ever changing contemporary techniques of lighting, shooting, and editing.

Topics Covered

  • History of Film and Television
  • Fundamentals of Motion Pictures
  • Pre-Production, Screenwriting, Storyboarding
  • Cameras and Lighting
  • Scene Shooting and Set Roles
  • Video Editing and Post Production
  • Advanced Post Production and FX
  • The Future of Broadcasting
  • Business Communication
  • Film and Video Final Project

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