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BeOnAir Blog: A Look at Trends in Media Sales and Marketing

Welcome to the Digital Age: A Look at Trends in Media Sales and Marketing

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 24, 2023
In today’s digital age, media sales and marketing have gone through a seismic shift....
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BeOnAir Blog:Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Podcast and Monetizing It

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Podcast and Monetizing It

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 15, 2023
Introduction: The podcasting space is hotter than ever. With the ability to reach people...
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  • Introduction:

    The podcasting space is hotter than ever. With the ability to reach people worldwide and engage with them on a personal level, podcasting has become an incredibly popular way for content creators to build their brands and make money. So, how do you get started? And once you’re up and running, how do you monetize your podcast? Let’s find out! You could be the next
    Joe Rogan Podcast!

    Choosing Your Podcast Topic

    The first step in starting a successful podcast is deciding on the topic that you want to focus on. This is an essential step because it will determine the kind of audience that you attract and help you home in on potential sponsors or advertisers. For example, if your podcast focuses on sports, then it’s likely that your audience will be made up of primarily sports fans. In turn, this means that potential sponsors or advertisers could come from the sports industry. A good practice when deciding on a topic for your podcast is to choose one that you’re passionate about. This will help guide your content creation process and ensure that you’re producing something that people want to listen to. Once you have your topic, it’s time to start planning out the structure of your show. You’ll need to decide on a format, length, frequency, etc., so listeners know what they can expect from each episode. This also helps create consistency in your content which is key for keeping listeners engaged over time. Finally, decide which platform or hosting service you want to use; there are many options available, so take some time to research them all before making a decision.

    Setting Up Your Podcast

    Once you know what topic you want to focus on, it’s time to start setting up your podcast. You’ll need a microphone (or several), recording software, audio editing software, hosting service (if applicable), and a website or blog where people can find your show notes. Additionally, if you want to take advantage of live streaming platforms like YouTube Live or Twitch, you’ll need to set up accounts for those.

    Monetizing Your Podcast

    Once your podcast is set up and ready to go, it’s time to think about how you will monetize it. There are several ways that podcasters can make money from their podcasts, including sponsored episodes or ads (which typically pay per download/listen), affiliate marketing programs (where you earn commissions for promoting other people’s products), selling merchandise such as t-shirts or mugs related to your podcast theme/topic, offering one-on-one coaching sessions based on topics discussed in your podcasts and more!


    Starting a successful podcast takes dedication and hard work, but the rewards can be great! Not only do podcasts offer content creators the chance to connect with an engaged audience around the world, but they can also be incredibly lucrative as well! By choosing an interesting topic that resonates with your target audience and setting everything up properly from the beginning – from microphones to hosting services – podcasters can ensure their success by providing quality content while earning income through various monetization methods such as sponsored episodes/ads or affiliate marketing programs. So what are you waiting for? Want to learn and master more advanced digital, audio, and visual production concepts? We invite you to contact us to learn more about our fantastic media programs. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you take your first steps toward becoming a professional podcaster, vlogger, content creator, or digital media production guru. Get started today!" target="_blank">
starting a satellite tv channel

Starting a Satellite TV Channel – How Much Does it Cost?

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
If you have ever thought about starting a TV channel of your own, the...
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difference between adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator

The Difference Between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
When it comes to digital media software, Adobe is arguably one of the best-known...
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design for social impact

What Is Design For Social Impact?

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
In the past few years, our society has experienced a monumental shift in our...
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need license for internet radio

Do I Need a License for Internet Radio?

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
If you’re researching how to start an online radio station, you’ve probably come across...
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become a radio host 1

Ways to Become a Great Radio Presenter

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
Are you an aspiring radio host? If you want to get a job as...
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radio ideas you should try

Radio Ideas You Should Try

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On January 9, 2023
Launching your own radio station can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, especially if...
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BeOnAir Blog: Digital Video Production Tips and Tricks

Digital Video Production Tips and Tricks Using an iPhone for 2023

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 8, 2023
Digital video production and content creation can be daunting, especially if you’re starting. But...
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  • Digital video production and content creation can be daunting, especially if you’re starting. But with the advancements in technology and with the right tools and know-how, you can produce stunning videos using nothing but your iPhone! From apps to microphone attachments to editing software, plenty of tips and tricks can help you make your content look more professional. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks on creating content using an iPhone in 2023!

    1.) Use Filters to Enhance Your Digital Video Production

    One of the most powerful features of iPhones is their ability to apply filters to photos and videos. By using different filters, you can give your videos a unique look that sets them apart from others. From black-and-white to vintage film looks, there are hundreds of filters at your disposal that can make your videos stand out from the crowd.

    2.) Utilize Voiceover Recording

    If you're looking for a more professional sound for your videos, then voiceover recording is the way to go. With this feature, you can easily record voiceovers directly into your iPhone's microphone, making it easier to add a professional touch to any video project. You can also use voiceover recording as a way to narrate a video or explain something while still keeping the visuals engaging.

    3.) Use an external microphone

    External microphones offer a huge advantage when it comes to capturing higher-quality sound. This is especially important if you’re using an iPhone as your primary camera for recording video content. You can ensure that your audio is crystal clear and free from background noise with a microphone. Audio is the unsung hero of a great video - without it, your masterpiece may feel more like an amateur hour. To conquer this, I highly recommend considering two microphones for iPhones: The Rode SmartLav and the iXY by Rode! Both will take your audio game to another level.

    4.) Leverage Motion Graphics In Your Digital Video Production

    Motion graphics are incredibly powerful when used correctly in digital video production projects! They allow you to create dynamic visuals that draw viewers in and keep them engaged throughout the entire production process. Whether it’s adding text animations or creating an eye-catching opening sequence, motion graphics will help make sure your content stands out from the competition!

    5.) Edit Your Content Professionally

    One of the most important steps in producing quality content is editing it well. Editing video footage or audio clips can be time-consuming and intimidating at first—but luckily, there are plenty of powerful editing tools available on iPhones nowadays that make this process easier than ever before. For instance, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best video editing apps available today; it allows users to edit footage easily while still offering features such as color correction and animation effects. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for beginners and advanced editors!

    6.) Lighting Setups for Your Digital Video Production

    When it comes to digital video production, lighting plays a huge role in creating an attractive shot. Unfortunately, most iPhones don’t have the best lighting capabilities out of the box. To get around this issue, there are several hacks you can implement when shooting with an iPhone. One hack is creating your own DIY lighting setup using softboxes or reflectors. Softboxes diffuse light evenly and are great for creating a soft look on your videos, while reflectors help bounce light back onto your subject to create more even exposure. Both of these techniques can be used with small LED lights that can be attached to your phone or set up separately nearby. Another hack is to use natural lighting if available. This means finding locations that get plenty of daylight or open shade and avoiding the bright sun at midday which can create harsh shadows on your subject's face. Additionally, try positioning yourself and your subject near windows or other large light sources whenever possible. Finally, you may want to invest in some good lighting equipment. Good lighting can make all the difference when it comes to shooting video with an iPhone; investing in some basic lighting equipment will go a long way towards making sure your footage looks great no matter what time of day it is or where you’re shooting from.

    7.) Take advantage of image stabilization

    If you want smooth handheld shots but don't have access to a tripod, then investing in a stabilizer could be the perfect solution for you! Stabilizers attach directly onto your phone and use counterweights to steady your movements and keep things steady during filming. Many newer iPhones have built-in image stabilization features that allow you to reduce the amount of shaking and blurring in your footage so you can get smoother shots without relying on bulky tripods or stabilizers.

    8.) Make use of apps in Your Digital Video Production

    There are lots of great apps out there specifically designed for editing video shots on iPhones; these apps make it easy to add effects, transitions, music, and more with just a few taps—saving you time and effort when it comes time to edit together clips into one cohesive piece of content!

    9.) Utilize green screen technology 

    A green screen is a perfect tool for creating awesome special effects for your digital video production projects! By providing a bright, vibrant backdrop of green color, filmmakers can create scenes that seem completely out-of-this-world- without having access to expensive equipment or physical sets.  

    10.) Try out different lenses & shots

    You don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR to get professional-quality shots; there are tons of lenses available for iPhones to help take your filmmaking to the next level. From wide-angle lenses to telephoto lenses, plenty of options are available depending on what kind of shots you’re looking for. Add some sizzle to your films by switching up the angles! Instead of sticking with standard eye-level shots, try something new; shoot from a low angle for impactful perspectives or aim high and capture remarkable overhead scenes. You don't need equipment - just get creative, and you'll be able to tell your story in an exciting way. Variety truly is the key ingredient necessary for captivating filmmaking!


    Whether you’re making videos for YouTube or podcasts for streaming services like Spotify or iTunes, creating quality content requires skillful production techniques—but fortunately, with advances in technology over the past few years, producing great content no longer has to be difficult or expensive (especially when using an iPhone). So if you’re looking for some helpful tips on how to get started creating amazing videos or podcasts using an iPhone in 2023—try out some of these ideas! These video content creation tips for beginners are just some of the things you will learn to master at Media Schools in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our programs and the video editing tips and tricks we teach our students to utilize. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you take your first steps toward becoming a professional videographer, content creator, or digital media production guru." target="_blank">

10 Hacks for Impressive Digital Media Content Production in 2023

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 6, 2023
Everyone knows that top-notch digital content production is key to standing out in the...
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  • Everyone knows that top-notch digital content production is key to standing out in the digital age. But with so many tips and tricks being thrown around, it's hard for media professionals (and amateurs!) to know exactly what will propel their work into digital content production to greatness. Don't fear - here are ten tried-and-true methods of boosting your production power and taking control over your brand identity! Whether you're a seasoned vet or newbie, take this advice on board & get ready for an influx of quality leads from those dynamite content pieces flying all over the interwebs 🚀
    1. Be Creative with Typography

    Typography is easy to make your content look more creative and polished. Just be sure to choose legible fonts that won't be hard for the reader to decipher! Experimenting with fonts, sizes, and colors can add visual interest to your work without spending too much time on it.

    1. Invest in Quality Audio Equipment

    Good audio equipment is essential if you want your digital videos or podcast content to sound professional and crisp. Investing in quality microphones, headphones, and recording software will help ensure that your audio sounds clean and clear for your viewers or listeners.

    1. Utilize Online Tools & Streamline Workflows

    It would be best to have streamlined workflows to produce high-quality digital content quickly and efficiently. This means having an organized system allowing you to capture, edit, and publish digital media content with minimal effort. To do this, it's essential to invest in tools such as video editing software, social and digital posting applications, and other related applications that can help simplify your workflow.

    Having a solid workflow strategy can also help you save time by allowing you to focus on what matters most—creating great content!

    With automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT (If This Then That), you can set up automated processes that quickly move data from one app to another without having to enter the information manually each time. By leveraging automation tools, you can save time while ensuring accuracy and consistency across your different platforms.

    1. Learn How To Develop A Video Storyline

    Developing a video storyline is an art form; it requires practice, patience, and dedication if you want it done right! Learning how to develop compelling storylines will help ensure that your videos have maximum impact on viewers—and get them coming back for more!

    1. Leverage Social Media Platforms For Promotion  

    Social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to promote your content once it's ready for launch. By leveraging these platforms correctly, you can reach a much wider audience than posting on one platform alone! Just be sure to know your audience and tailor your messaging accordingly, as what gets published on Facebook may not be a good fit without adaptation for a LinkedIn audience and vice versa.

    1. Use Data-Driven Decision Making In Digital Content Production 

    The most effective way to make decisions in media production is by leveraging data. With access to real-time analytics, you can identify what's working and what isn't. This allows you to quickly adjust your strategy and create content that resonates with your target audience. Additionally, using predictive analytics lets you anticipate future trends and plan accordingly. This can give you a competitive edge in creating engaging content that keeps viewers engaged.

    1. Using Creative Strategies & Tools

    In addition to data-driven decision-making, creative strategies are essential for successful digital media production in 2023. Creative thinking can lead to unique solutions that differentiate your content from the competition. It also helps ensure that your content is engaging enough for viewers to keep coming back for more. Here are some tips for improving your creative skills: Brainstorming, storyboarding ideas before execution, researching other successful examples of digital media projects, and seeking feedback from experts or peers on potential concepts.

    1. Creative Collaboration

    Content creation is no easy feat - but with a few savvy hacks under your belt, it'll become much less daunting! Collaboration is critical when it comes to producing successful digital media content production in 2023. Working with other creative professionals increases productivity while allowing everyone involved to bring their strengths and perspectives into play. Additionally, collaborating with influencers or industry leaders provides valuable insight into what's trending and how best to leverage those trends for your projects.

    Build Collaborations for Improved Digital Content Creation

    Industry collaboration helps build relationships that can open up new opportunities for future collaborations or even joint ventures down the road! An example of a tool that can serve both creative strategy & teamwork is Canva's Whiteboards which lets people work together and organize their tasks and projects and provides a virtual space to stimulate creativity as teams brainstorm new ideas or seek to solve a problem for your digital content production activities.

    1. Create Interactive Digital Content Experiences

    One way to stand out in a crowded digital content production space is by creating interactive content experiences. Consider using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree videos, and interactive infographics to engage your audience with your message in an exciting new way. You can also use polls, quizzes, and surveys to get your audience involved and increase your brand or product engagement.

    1. Leverage AI Technology

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in all aspects of the digital media industry, including content creation and distribution. AI technology can be used to quickly generate high-quality video content that is tailored specifically to your target audience's needs and interests. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can be used on websites or within messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as an effective customer service tool that can handle a wide range of inquiries quickly and efficiently.


    Staying competitive in today's digital content production landscape requires an agile approach backed by intelligent strategies and creative collaboration. By leveraging data-driven decision-making, implementing innovative strategies, and collaborating with like-minded professionals and industry leaders, you can ensure that your digital media projects are as successful as possible in 2023 – and beyond! So get hacking! And see where it takes you! Need more knowledge, skills, and experience with social and digital media production? Look no further; complement these tips with advanced training with The Beonair Network of  Media School's 8-Month Digital Media Production Program. Digital media production isn’t just serious business – it’s full of fun too! Join us today and discover the endless possibilities of content creation. Apply Now Learn More About Our Programs Book A Campus Tour" target="_blank">
The Beonair Network Blog: Navigating the Wild World of Social Media Trolls

Navigating the Wild World of Social Media Trolls

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 4, 2023
Social media is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools in modern...
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  • Social media is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools in modern culture. It has revolutionized the way we communicate as brands and as individuals and engage with each other. With great power comes great responsibility—and unfortunately, for every positive post, tweet, or pic that makes its way onto the web there is usually an equal and opposite negative comment or two waiting to be found. We're talking about trolls. We've all seen them—those pesky little creatures that lurk in the shadows of social media platforms waiting to hijack a conversation or derail a trend with their malicious words and sometimes intimidating behavior. So how do you handle trolls? How do you navigate the wild world of social media trolls when you are in the business of social and digital media production and content delivery? The first step is to know your enemy. Trolls come in many shapes and sizes. They may hide behind anonymous usernames, posing as real people, or they may masquerade as legitimate customers who have a bone to pick with your brand (or product). Some are harmless and just looking for attention, while others can be downright mean-spirited and potentially damaging to your or your brand's online reputation. Once you know what you're dealing with, it's time to take action and manage it! Suppose the troll is harmless or simply trying to get attention. In that case, you can ignore them or respond diplomatically by thanking them for their feedback (even if it's negative) and asking if they need any help. However, suppose the troll is malicious or threatening. In that case, it’s best not to engage with them at all—instead, contact support staff on whichever platform they are using immediately so that they can take appropriate action. Another way to combat trolls is by utilizing customer service strategies such as creating an official FAQ page on your personal or brand website, which answers common questions customers might have about your product/service before they even ask them (this works especially well on Twitter). You can also create a dedicated customer service email address for customers who have more complex queries that need answering—this allows customers who have genuine concerns about your brand/product to get help quickly without having their query buried beneath a mountain of angry tweets from trolls! Finally, make sure that customer service representatives or brand management staff are actively monitoring all social media platforms where conversations about your brand/product take place so that trolls don't get too comfortable lurking around in the shadows! Conquer the trolls of social media with an iron fist and top-notch customer service! Utilize helpful strategies such as creating FAQ pages & emailing customers to manage these pesky creatures while still providing genuine patrons with a stellar experience. To gain the upper hand in this virtual Wild West be sure to complement these tips with advanced training with The Beonair Network's Digital Media Production Program- keep those infamous trolls from running rampant once and for all! Apply Now Learn More About Our Programs Book A Campus Tour

    " target="_blank">
How Automation & AI will Create opportunities In Digital Media Production

How Automation & AI will Create Opportunities In Digital Media Production

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On January 3, 2023
How Automation & AI will Create Opportunities In Digital Media Production With the advent...
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  • With the advent of automation and AI, many people are wondering what this will mean for job opportunities in media, entertainment, and marketing. Will machines take over our jobs? Or will they create new ones? In this blog post, we’ll explore how automation and AI can create additional employment opportunities for those interested in Digital Media Production and related media and marketing fields. Let’s dive in!

    The Impact of Automation on Digital Media Production Job Creation

    The truth is that automation has been around for quite some time now. We have robots that assemble cars, airplanes that fly themselves, and even virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa who are capable of doing tasks such as playing music or answering simple questions. But what does this mean for job creation? Contrary to popular belief, automation actually creates more jobs than it destroys. For instance, a study conducted by the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, technology will create at least 12 million more jobs than it destroys, a sign that in the long run, automation will be a net positive for society. According to the Occupation Outlook Handbook Digital Media Production occupations for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers' roles are projected to grow 10 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations.

    AI in the Entertainment Industry

    AI is having a major impact on the entertainment industry and in particular all things associated with digital media production. From content creation to distribution, AI is transforming the way we consume entertainment media. For example, Netflix uses AI algorithms to recommend TV shows and movies based on user preferences and viewing history. This technology helps Netflix provide its users with a more personalized experience which leads to increased engagement with their platform. Additionally, AI-powered tools are being used by film studios to optimize their production processes from writing scripts to casting actors and creating special effects. And finally, social media platforms such as Instagram use AI algorithms to curate content for their users based on their interests.

    The Benefits of Social & Digital Media Production Automation Tools

    Social and digital media production & media creation automation tools can be incredibly beneficial for businesses looking to maximize their online presence without spending a lot of money or resources on managing their social media accounts manually. These tools allow businesses to schedule posts ahead of time so they can focus their energy on other areas such as content creation or customer service instead of having to manually post every day or week (which can be time-consuming). Additionally, these tools usually come with analytics features that allow businesses to track key metrics such as engagement rates or website visits from organic traffic sources so they can better understand their audience’s needs and wants.


    In conclusion, automation and AI are significantly impacting the entertainment, marketing, and advertising industries—opening up new job markets for those interested in entering these fields. Whether you’re looking into content creation or leveraging social media automation tools for your business, plenty of opportunities are waiting for you! It’s just a matter of taking advantage of them! One method for advantage includes learning about the most cutting-edge media technologies, with our Digital Media Production Program at The Beonair Network of Media Schools! Our program will equip you with the invaluable knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this ever-changing industry. From basic content creation all the way through leveraging AI & automation tools - we've got it covered so that now YOU can take advantage of these fantastic opportunities instead of being left behind! Now's your chance to grab success by its horns-- sign up today and get learning those essential digital media production basics. Apply Now Learn More About Our Programs Book A Campus Tour

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The Beonair Network Blog:What to Expect in Social Media Marketing in 2023

What to Expect in Social Media Marketing in 2023

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On December 30, 2022
What to Expect in Social Media Marketing in 2023 In the business world, trends...
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  • In the business world, trends come and go faster than you can say 'social media.' But one thing’s for sure—social media marketing is here to stay. As digital technology continues to evolve, so too does the way marketers use social media to reach their audiences. If you want to remain competitive, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and anticipate where social media marketing will be headed in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the trends, technologies, and tools that will shape the future of social media marketing.

    Trend #1: The Rise of Automation & AI

    AI-driven Automation and Real-Time Messaging

    The rise of AI-driven automation is going to revolutionize how companies communicate with their customers on social media platforms. AI-driven automation allows businesses to respond quickly and accurately to customer queries via real-time messaging on various social channels. AI autoresponders can also be used to automate mundane tasks such as scheduling posts, curating content, and analyzing data. This will enable companies to spend less time managing their social accounts and more time engaging with customers directly.

    AI-Powered Content Curation Tools

    It’s no secret that content curation is one of the most important parts of any effective social media marketing strategy. That said, manually finding relevant content can take up a lot of time and resources—which is why so many companies are turning to AI-powered content curation tools to get the job done faster and more efficiently. In 2023, these tools will be even more advanced than they currently are, allowing marketers to quickly find high-quality content related to their brand or industry.

    Tools: Automated Social Media Scheduling

    Social media scheduling is an essential part of any successful social media campaign. But manually scheduling posts can be tedious and time-consuming—which is why automated scheduling tools are becoming increasingly popular among brands looking to save time and energy while still getting the job done right. In 2023, these tools will become even more advanced, making it easier for marketers to schedule their posts easily.

    AI-driven Personalization

    As AI becomes increasingly prevalent, so will personalization efforts increase in scope and scale. This means that marketers will be able to target customers with more relevant messages delivered at exactly the right time for maximum impact. With personalized messaging tailored specifically for each customer based on their interests and behavior patterns, brands can foster stronger relationships with consumers, leading to increased loyalty and sales conversion rates.

    Trend #2: Augmented Reality Content Grows In Popularity and In Application

    Augmented reality (AR) technology is becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking for new ways to engage with their customers online. With AR content, businesses can create immersive experiences that are tailored specifically to each user's needs. Companies are using AR content such as virtual tours, interactive product demonstrations, and personalized messages delivered through digital avatars that can make their products or services more attractive and accessible for potential customers. AR marketing ads have already proven themselves as powerful marketing tools; in fact, studies have shown that AR ads have boosted engagement rates by as much as 40%. As AR technology continues to evolve over the next few years, expect to see more brands taking advantage of this immersive advertising format on their social media channels.

    Trend #3: Video Content Continues To Drive Engagement and Social Interaction

    Video content continues to be one of the most effective forms of communication on social media platforms. Videos allow businesses to share information about their products or services in an entertaining and visually appealing way that engages viewers more effectively than text or images alone could ever do. In 2023, we’re likely to see even more video content used by companies across all industries as they strive for greater engagement with their online audiences.

    Trend# 4: The Emergence of Voice-based Interactions

    Voice-based interactions are quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for consumers across the globe. This means that businesses must adapt their strategies accordingly if they want to stay relevant and competitive in the market. Consumers are now relying on voice search to find answers quickly and conveniently; therefore, businesses must ensure that their SEO efforts include optimizing for voice search queries as well as traditional keywords. Additionally, many companies are starting to incorporate voice technology into their customer service offerings – such as virtual assistants or chatbots – in order to provide a better user experience and help streamline operations.

    Trend#5: Influencer Marketing- A Powerful New Weapon In Your Marketing Arsenal

    One trend that is sure to continue is influencer marketing. As people spend more time online, they rely more and more on influencers for advice on products or services they might purchase. Influencers have become trusted advisors who curate content based on their experiences or expertise in a certain niche. For example, if you are looking to purchase a laptop, an influencer who focuses on technology could provide valuable information about which laptops are currently trending and why they think one option is better than another. This way, businesses can gain access to larger audiences by leveraging the influence of these individuals—a win-win situation for everyone!


    As you can see, there are many exciting trends and tools emerging in the world of social media marketing that have the potential to revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers online in 2023 and beyond! From AI-driven automation tools that enable real-time messaging capabilities, augmented reality content for immersive experiences tailored for each user's needs, and video content for maximum engagement levels—the possibilities are truly limitless! To ensure your business stays ahead of the competition, implement these trends today!

    Explore Digital Media Production at the BeOnAir Network of Media Schools!

    Our Digital Media Production Program provides you with the critical skills you need to succeed in this ever-evolving industry. With our Digital Media Production Program, you'll get to explore the essentials of digital storytelling, social media marketing, branding, imaging, and more through real-world production settings. You will merge theory with practice for a comprehensive education that can help you launch or propel a career in media. Digital media production isn't just serious business - it's full of fun too! Join us today and discover the endless possibilities of content creation. That is why at BeonAir Network of Media Schools, we developed a Digital Media Production program where you can learn all the skills and techniques you’ll need to start and succeed in this highly competitive industry. With campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, you’ll learn the ins and outs of branding, content creation, digital storytelling, and many more and you’ll get to do it in a real-world, hands-on setting as well. If you are ready to learn more about social media marketing, reach out to our team today and get more information about our Digital Media Production program. Apply Now Learn More About Our Programs Book A Campus Tour

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  • There's no shortage of good radio stations to listen to these days. And with a virtually endless variety of content to explore, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to listen to the latest pop culture gossip, obscure indie hits, live sports, or just about anything else, you can find tons of great stations to suit your interests. We've rounded up our favorite picks for the 50 best radio stations to check out now, covering just about every genre out there. Ranging from well-known stations to brand-new debuts, our list offers up plenty of options that are well worth a listen.

    50 Best Radio Stations Broadcasting Today

    Genre: Talk, underground, independent/alternative music Refuge Worldwide is a Berlin-based station that started as a fundraising platform in 2021 and now shares underground music and culture alongside global social issues. The station aims to inspire activism and amplify important issues while providing an enjoyable music listening experience.   Genre: News/talk radio NPR has earned its status as an institution of American radio, boasting more than a half-century of history as a widely-respected station. But don't let its age fool you - NPR is anything but outdated. With a modern, innovative attitude, the station continues to stand the test of time while keeping listeners informed on current affairs, culture, and news.   Genre: Independent/underground music Foundation FM is a woman-led radio station that has garnered attention for its exceptional selection of underground and alternative music. If you like discovering new-to-you tunes while supporting equal representation in radio broadcasting, this station is for you.   Genre: Independent/underground music Broadcasting from the Soho region of London (as well as New York City), Soho Radio has an impressively eclectic series of shows and music. Tune in to shows from Metronomy's Anna Prior, UNKLE's James Lavelle, and other underground radio greats.  

    best radio stations 3

    Genre: Music No Signal is a UK station that had everyone talking with its unique 10v10 show format (in which each DJ/presenter went to 'battle' with their choice of 10 songs). The station's mission is centered on celebrating the black diaspora in a fun, creative way.   Genre: Global Music Worldwide FM is headed by Gilles Peterson and Thris Tian and broadcasts from stations in Japan, Los Angeles, and even a boat in London. Its musical lineup covers a wide breadth of world music, so you can look forward to finding new and unexpected favorites any time you listen.   Genre: Underground/independent music This New York University student radio station has been around for quite some time. It has a solid track record for professional-quality broadcasting and an exceptional mix of music. Explore a variety of alternative music styles, like anti-fascist power electronics, West African disco, and more.   Genre: Music and talk radio As its name suggests, Dublin Digital Radio hails from Ireland. It is a volunteer-created and led station that presents itself as an alternative to traditional broadcasting stations, covering the political, cultural, and social news in Ireland and around the world.   Genre: Underground/Independent music Coming to you from an NYC shipping container, The Lot Radio is a non-profit, independent radio station built up a dedicated following. Its live radio mixes can be viewed on YouTube and regularly feature well-known DJs such as Shanti Celest, Octa Octa, and Louis Vega.   Genre: News/talk radio Launched in 2020, Times Radio is a News UK-owned radio station that largely focuses on a more serious, direct approach to news. For anyone still deciding whether to invest in the paid content provided by The Sunday Times and The Times, Times Radio is a totally-free option that still gives you access to the publisher's first-rate journalism.   Genre: Talk radio, underground/independent music Reform Radio is a one-of-a-kind platform that serves up first-rate shows from industry legends while simultaneously seeking to expand the opportunities available to young people interested in broadcasting. In addition to a great mix of shows, you can also listen to the station's always-changing catalog of underground music.   Genre: Underground music For music lovers that appreciate deep cuts and sub-sub genres, few internet radio stations can compare to NTS. Broadcasting from Manchester, Los Angeles, and London, NTS features well-known DJs, industry tastemakers, and other in-the-know pioneers of modern underground music. Best radio stations 4 Genre: Underground/independent music, youth culture Reprezent Radio is where you can meet the newest generation of DJ and broadcasting talents, the bright young talents representing the next wave in the world of radio. The station consistently serves up an unparalleled selection of underground music, including many artists you might not hear from elsewhere.   Genre: Synthwave music Nightride FM is made up of a curated group of stations that provides listeners with access to various subgenres of synthwave music. The unique interface showcases the playlist-based set-up, with different themes for each genre's station - it is an immersive listening experience.   Genre: Alternatives music Radio Paradise is an ad-free station led by two first-class hosts, with an expansive listener base and three different channels. Take your pick from the 'Main Mix,' 'Mellow Mix,' or the 'World/Etc. Mix,' and enjoy the freedom to skip any songs that you don't like.   Genre: Underground/independent dance music Rinse FM might have started as a pirate radio station in London, but it's since grown into a legitimate platform that listeners can't stop raving about. This station is a catalyst for the growth of several independent music genres, including grime, garage, jungle, drum and bass, and footwork.   Genre: Underground/independent music Created in response to the lack of representation of East Asian music artists, Hong Kong Community Radio highlights the region's vibrant music and cultural scenes. Whereas most Western media focuses solely on the politics of East Asia, this station seeks to celebrate its multi-dimensional nature.   Genre: Underground/independent music Broadcasting from an iconic sunset bar in Ibiza, Café Del Mar transports its listeners to the 1980s and 90s-era electronic dance music scene. It broadcasts Balearic beat music, also known as Ibiza house music, a fascinating offshoot of the house and trance music genres.   Genre: Underground/independent music Seoul Community Radio broadcasts via a live webpage and on Twitch and Facebook, making it easy to access their fantastic content. In addition to their audio content, listeners can also delve into the visual aspects of the station's video content to enrich the overall experience.   best radio stations 5 Genre: Local music/radio Even though local radio in the UK has declined in recent years, Gen X Radio is proving that it is possible to bring it back. Led by former BBC presenter James Hazell, the UK-based station broadcasts an array of music without the constant repeats you'd expect from more traditional commercial radio stations.   Genre: Music This station is quintessentially Brooklyn-esque, flawlessly depicting the rich music scene in the NYC borough. Brooklyn Radio plays a well-rounded mix that covers all musical bases, from house to hip-hop.   Genre: Underground/independent music The dublab station debuted on the airwaves more than two decades ago, showing that amazing things can happen when talented creatives and DJs have total control. Originating in Los Angeles, the station now has a number of sister stations, including in Japan, Brazil, Germany, and Spain.    Genre: Underground/independent music One part radio station, one part bar, and one part coffee shop, Melodic Distraction broadcasts a staggering 150+ shows every month. Located in the North West of England, it is largely dedicated to sharing the music and stories of the region via radio and its online magazine.    Genre: World music When you are in the mood to discover new music, tune in to Radiooooo. Choose a country and a decade, and Radiooooo will offer songs to match. It's a fascinating way to learn about the eras of global music and find unexpected favorite's along the way.   Genre: Underground/independent dance music Berlin has a famously exclusive underground music scene, one that can be incredibly difficult to gain access to - that is, until the arrival of the HÖR radio station. Listen to the best techno music of Berlin, no matter where in the world you are located.   Genre: Underground/independent music Totally Wired Radio is a recently-launched station from Acid Jazz's Eddie Piller. Self-described as a station dedicated to the 'left-field and progressive music ignored by mainstream media,' the station is the perfect place for music lovers.    Genre: Music Oroko Radio emphasizes the Accra community and the creatives and ideas hailing from the African Diaspora. It is unlike any other station and champions many of the most underrepresented artists in the world.   Genre: Underground/independent dance music The relatively new Balamii radio station has already become an important component in the music ecosystem of South London, bringing attention to the region's underground culture and music. Beyond its online broadcast, it has also made waves with events like Naked City.   Genre: Underground/independent music Before the explosion of internet radio stations, BBC Radio 6 Music was a go-to source for UK listeners that wanted something different than mainstream music. Although it used to have a reputation for favoring rock and indie bands, the station has considerably expanded its lineup of presenters and music.    Genre: News/talk radio Cheddar News is an American news network with a distinct focus on finance, covering stock trading in-depth - but its full library of original programming goes so much further. Browse programs that delve into topics that include culture, science, and history, and deepen your views of the world as it is today.   Genre: News/talk radio, independent/alternative music If you are searching for a station that balances reliable information and independent music, look no further than X-RAY FM. Located in Portland, OR, the station offers an even mix of entertaining, informative talk radio and local music and culture.   best radio stations 6 Genre: Technology In our digital age, cybercrime is an issue that nearly every one of us is sure to experience first-hand at some point. Cybercrime Radio dives into the most pressing threats facing the tech world now, offering practical strategies for protecting yourself online.   Genre: Technology/culture, alternative music A champion of all things 'geeky,' Geek Life Radio shares an enjoyable variety of content covering gaming, comics, and more. In addition to programming that celebrates the topics traditionally considered to be of the 'nerd persuasion,' the station also shares a ton of alternative music.   Genre: News/talk radio Odds are, you're no stranger to CNN. As one of the best-known broadcasters in America, the station is a reliable source for global news coverage, interviews, and breaking headlines.   Genre: K-pop music K-pop music has swept the globe with its unique sound, growing into a worldwide phenomenon few of us saw coming. Tune in to Kpopway Radio to get a front-row seat to the best k-pop music, including new hits and long-time classics - commercial-free and broadcast 24 hours a day.   Genre: Movie/TV soundtracks There is no question that creating music for TV and film is an art form all its own, one that plays a vital role in shaping the viewers' experience. Cinemix is a radio station for soundtracks, providing a skillfully curated variety of music from film and TV.   Genre: News/talk radio KQED-FM is a San Francisco-based NPR member station that shares a little bit of everything: talk-based radio content centered on arts, politics, and science, as well as syndicated BBC World Service shows and podcasts like This American Life.   Genre: Kids' entertainment For the youngest listeners - or even adults who are kids at heart - Fun Kids is a radio station for children that consistently knocks it out of the park. Its engaging audio content is tailored for kids and might be the spark that ignites a lifelong love for radio.   Genre: Underground/independent music Spiritland radio is inspired by vinyl-head culture, giving listeners an unmatched selection of favorites from DJs, collectors, and visionaries. The station also has a handful of audiophile bars in London and is outfitted with the best in bespoke sound systems.   Genre: Underground/independent music KEXP is a Seattle radio station with a robust listener base, broadcasting an impeccable variety of alternative and independent music. One of its defining characteristics is its rotating live performance schedule, which includes well-known and up-and-coming musicians.   Genre: Underground/independent music Although you might never have considered tuning in to Slovakian radio, Radio FM will surely change that. Intended as an alternative option to commercial/private stations, its shows extend across all genres, including heavy metal, jazz, hip hop, and many others.   Genre: Jazz Dedicated to New Orleans and its musical heritage, WWOZ is a must-listen for anyone passionate about jazz. It regularly broadcasts live gigs from the legendary city, allowing listeners to experience music in the birthplace of jazz. best radio stations 7 Genre: Underground/independent music This station is broadcast from the University of Texas and showcases the history, music, and culture of the famously 'weird' city of Austin.   Genre: Creative Culture Shady Pines Radio was originally created during the COVID-19 pandemic and was established to connect the creatives of Portland, OR. In just a few short years, it has expanded to more than 75 different shows and is an important space for the region's creative community.   Genre: Underground/independent music Founded by the famous electronic music composer Robert Miles, Openlab FM has been broadcasting on FM and online since 2013. The unique station unites DJs, musicians, producers, visual artists, and even architects in its mission to journey into the future of music.   Genre: Talk radio/music Primavera Sound Radio is the station of the iconic Barcelona music festival, hosting content that encompasses both its Spanish roots and its global audience.    Genre: Talk radio, underground/independent music This Paris-based radio station covers a wide realm of culture and music, exposing listeners to a fascinating mix of content. From diving into the best movies of a particular year to inviting guests to share their favorite books, Tsugi Radio has a little bit of everything for everyone.   Genre: Underground/independent music From 12 to 10 pm AEDT, this community station broadcasts the best of Australia's underground music scene. It's a non-profit effort based right in Sydney and an essential listen for anyone interested in independent artists.   Genre: Talk radio/music Legacy 90.1 is a Manchester community radio station that spotlights African and Caribbean culture and heritage, elevating DJs, presenters, and musicians from underrepresented groups. In addition to its regular content, the station also takes on projects that cover critical topics in the region's Caribbean and African communities.    Genre: News and music Gaydio is one of the UK's biggest and best LGBTP+ radio stations. It highlights the community news so often left uncovered by mainstream media and a plethora of fun, upbeat music. 

    best radio stations 2

    Want to Work in Radio & TV Broadcasting?

    If you have a passion for radio - whether you prefer old-school AM/FM stations or online streaming content - a broadcasting career could be the perfect fit. From sports and music to of-the-minute news, there are many paths you could take with a career in TV and radio broadcasting. But first, you will need specialized education and training to help you get your foot in the door.   At the Beonair Network of Media Schools, with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, our Radio & TV Broadcasting program combines in-studio experiences with classroom learning to help you start building your industry skills. Not sure if you want to work in a broadcasting role? We also have a diverse range of other media training programs, like Audio Production, Media Sales & Marketing, and Digital Media Production. You'll also have opportunities to find broadcasting internships in major markets across the US, so you can begin making the professional connections that will lead to your dream job.  

    Start Your Radio & TV Broadcasting Career Today!

    If you take your first steps towards a media education today, you could be working in broadcasting within the year - what are you waiting for? An exciting future in the media industry is within reach at the Beonair Network of Media Schools with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio is where you can get your start. Get more information about how to get a job in broadcasting, what makes our schools different, and what kinds of careers might be available to you - explore our website and apply to become a student now!" target="_blank">
Film lens

5 Video Editing Techniques For 2022

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On December 9, 2022
Updated: December 2022 The 21st century has seen an explosion of technology and platforms...
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  • important to learn some basic video editing tips for beginners so that your video stands out. Enrolling in the videographer programs at our Media Schools in Ohio, Illinois, Colorado or Florida can help you perfect these video editing tips and tricks that can help your videos gain an audience.

    Use Cuts Wisely

    The standard cut is the most common and it connects frames together in a simple, straightforward flow. It is perfect for those scenes when no form of transition is required. If you are filming a scene with a jump forward in time, use the jump cut because this creates forward motion within the story. For example, shooting a cannon firing and then cutting right to the point where the shell impacts the target.

    Master the Montage

    Montages are a series of quick cuts that are perfect for showing a story's progression without having to go into too much detail for each stage of that progression. This makes them perfect for showing a character acquiring skills such as athletes or soldiers training for months or years on end without having to focus on every aspect of that process.

    Cut in on the Action

    It is common for a videographer to use this trick when they want the viewer to focus on the action on screen. The action event, such as a door opening or a gun firing triggers a shift in the camera focus and angle. This engages the viewer and cues their need to pay attention to the scene.

    Cutaway Shots

    Cutaways are some of the most important video editing tips and tricks to master. They give depth to the story by shifting focus from the characters and placing it on the scene. This creates context and allows for the introduction of foreshadowing such as leaves falling, snow blowing, clouds forming, etc.

    Match Cuts

    Match cuts make it possible for you to make giant leaps in time or geography. For example, using the blowing out of a match and the smoke plume that develops to shift the scene from a crowded bar to the blowing sands of the desert. These video editing tips for beginners are just some of the things you will learn to master at Media Schools in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, and Illinois. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our programs and the video editing tips and tricks we teach our students to utilize. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you take your first steps toward becoming a professional videographer. [gravityform id='22' title='true' description='true']" target="_blank">