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uncompressed audio files

Learn About Lossless & Uncompressed Audio Formats

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On September 16, 2022
Audio file formats might not be the most exciting aspect of music and sound...
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social media skills

Social Media Marketing Skills: 9 Must Haves

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On September 16, 2022
Social media has become a huge part of digital-age marketing, proving essential for brands...
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Social Media

  • Posted by John Girard
  • On September 8, 2022
With National Hispanic Heritage Month quickly approaching, we’ve created a practical guide to celebrating...
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  • With National Hispanic Heritage Month quickly approaching, we've created a practical guide to celebrating the occasion on social media. We'll be talking about:
    • How you can show your support for Hispanic heritage in a social media setting
    • Why learning the meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month is so important
    • How to develop the social media skills to strengthen your brand, business, or online presence
    Each September, National Hispanic Heritage Month serves as an opportunity for us to recognize the many contributions that Latino and Hispanic Americans have made to our country's culture, history, and achievements. For brands, business owners, and just about anyone with a presence on social media, it's also an important time to acknowledge the Hispanic community.  Sometimes, taking on such a meaningful task can feel intimidating. This is especially true if using social media in a professional capacity is something you're relatively new to. Our guide to supporting Hispanic Heritage Month on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms is a good place to start, but the learning doesn't have to end there. You can also enroll in training that explores
    Media Sales & Marketing topics so that you can navigate social media like a true professional. 

    How to Support Hispanic Heritage Month on Social Media

    There are many different ways you can use social media as a medium to express your support of Hispanic Heritage Month - and getting creative is always a good idea! But to create and share meaningful and authentic content, you'll need to educate yourself on the purpose and meaning of the month.  Taking the time and effort to learn more about the Hispanic community in America is an invaluable first step in supporting them. You (or your organization) can also donate to non-profit organizations striving to positively impact the lives of Hispanic Americans, such as the Hispanic Heritage Foundation or the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). From there, there are many other ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on social media, including:
    • Collaborate with Hispanic social media influencers
    • Include relevant social media hashtags on related content
    • Share educational resources with your followers
    • Seek out ways to amplify the voices of Hispanic Americans on social media
    • Create content that honors Hispanic American achievements
    • Continue your efforts even after the month is over by diversifying your organization's workforce, planning fundraisers or educational events, and consistently highlighting key causes or topics
    Ultimately, lending your support to a movement such as this one is about so much more than just generating 'likes' on social media. Hurrying to jump on the bandwagon and throw together some last-minute content isn't the answer; this can damage the efforts of activists, as well as your credibility. Instead, aim to make a long-lasting, meaningful impact on your social media followers, and the rest is much more likely to fall into place.

    Understanding the Background of Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month is a national, month-long celebration that kicks off on September 15th and runs until October 15th. Its purpose is to honor the histories, stories, cultures, and contributions of Americans with ancestors who came from Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This includes a diverse range of individuals, many of whom are also members of the Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Latinx communities.  Beginning in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week, U.S law extended the observation to a period of 30 days in 1988.  So, why does Hispanic Heritage Month start on September 15th? The day is significant because it marks the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. On September 16th, Mexican independence is celebrated, while Chile honors theirs on September 18th. 

    What's the Difference Between Hispanic and Latino, or Latinx?

    You might have heard Hispanic Heritage Month, also referred to as Latinx Heritage Month - but are they the same thing? Yes and no. The word 'Latinx' is a gender-neutral version of 'Latino/Latina' and refers to an individual with cultural connections to Latin America. Essentially, it's a reference to their country of origin or that of their ancestors. On the other hand, 'Hispanic' is a term that includes people based on the language that they speak. It technically refers to people of all races. Be aware that Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Latinx people belonging to this community are often not fairly acknowledged, making inclusion particularly critical. 

    Celebrating Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses During Hispanic Heritage Month

    Are you wondering what else you can do to uplift the Hispanic community online? One of the most impactful - and yet simplest - measures you can take is to show support for small businesses owned by Hispanic entrepreneurs.  Consider your target audience and their interests, and you'll be better prepared to promote businesses and brands that will appeal to them. It can be something as small as reposting a recent photo from Hispanic or Afro-Latinx-owned businesses. Or, it can be a larger campaign that involves a professional collaboration. Whatever route you choose, consistently check in with your motivations to ensure that you're staying true to the original purpose of your efforts.

    What Skills are Needed for Successful Social Media?

    Effectively managing your social media presence can be more difficult than it seems, especially if you're running a professional or brand account. However, some core skills can make you significantly better-equipped for the task:
    • Excellent communication abilities
    • Writing skills
    • Creativity
    • Organization and project management
    • Problem-solving
    • Knowledge of digital marketing basics
    • The ability to use related equipment, technology, and software
    • An understanding of current trends and social media best practices
    But beyond that, it's also hugely helpful to have a solid foundation of education in the art - and the science - of social media.

    Learn the Social Media Skills You Need for Your Brand

    Questions like 'How do I know what my followers want to see?' and 'What are the rules for marketing on social media?' can all be answered with social media and marketing training. At the Beonair Network of Media Schools, with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, we've designed a series of program and course options to help you support your unique career goals. For example, our Digital Media Production program gives you a broad range of experiences in creating digital media, exposing you to audio production, web development, and video production alongside social media strategy. 

    Get Social Media Savvy with Courses in Media and Marketing

    There's no question that social media is here to stay, and it's dramatically changing the way we communicate, advertise, and interact with each other and the world around us. And even if you aren't planning on joining professional social media influencers in creating your career online, strategically using social media is incredibly useful in many different ways. At the Beonair Network of Media Schools, with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, we offer various paths for individuals interested in learning how to use social media more successfully. Whether you're a professional who wants to expand your knowledge of social media marketing or you're ready to pursue a brand-new media-centric career, we have the training, programs, and courses to help you. Get more information about our social media training courses in Chicago, Miami, Ohio, and Colorado when you contact us today!

    Image Credit: scoutori/Shutterstock

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How to Choreograph a Fight Scene for Film

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
Choreographing a fight for film requires attention to detail and thoughtful execution. Even a...
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Radio Board Operator

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
Despite the creation of recent music platforms such as satellite radio, or music streaming...
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  • Despite the creation of recent music platforms such as satellite radio, or music streaming services like Spotify, being a radio board operator is a very important job to the production of many large-scale radio shows and businesses in the music and music sharing industry. Being a radio board operator can be a fulfilling and rewarding job with many different duties and skills anyone with a passion and drive for the job can turn into a career.

    Job Duties

    Board operators are responsible for a slew of important duties to ensure the best functioning capability of the whole team. Depending on the size of the station, duties can vary but most often revolve around making sure the shows are running smoothly through technical means. Essentially, the operator must control the board as well as perform announcements or control the music. As a board operator, having the knowledge to troubleshoot or fix problems with the board is an essential skill, as well as other technical devices such as editing software, mixing boards, and microphones. The board operator is an important member in making sure any loose ends are tied up to ensure the radio show sounds and runs professionally.


    According to Glassdoor, the entry-level earnings for a radio operator can start off with the average minimum wage, but this depends on many different factors. Experience and schooling are major players in the kind of operating job an applicant lands. Larger radio shows are apt to hire those with schooling and internship experience, meaning large beginning salaries. Having education and experience is appealing to large radio stations that are looking for operators with the skill and knowledge they can rely on.

    Work Environment

    The work environment an operator works in again varies on the kind of radio station someone works for. In smaller radio stations, an operator might be responsible for more and helping out in other areas if needed. Thus, an operator can have quite a busy and eventful day working with various areas in the station. Working in a large studio doesn’t necessarily mean a less fulfilling day, the operator may have fewer various tasks, but the ones they are responsible for must be constantly maintained and done with precision. Radio operators may spend hours a day setting up the sound and other aspects of different shows and sets for the station and check it for accuracy before.

    Career Requirements

    Though it can remain debatable, the way to snatch the best jobs in the industry is by showing genuine interest in becoming a master of your craft. Radio stations, in general, are more likely to take an applicant seriously if they have electronic education and experience, as well as general knowledge and education of board operation as well as internships and experience with actual radio equipment and technology. This can be achieved through self-teaching and time, but professional schooling always appears to companies that someone is serious about a career in a chosen field.

    Job Outlook

    The specialized skills that it takes to be a professional radio board operator will never be invaluable to the field. Since radio board operators can be responsible for so many tasks involved with creating a professional and smooth-running show, there will always be areas for someone to advance into if they choose in different areas of radio show production. Having years of job experience or internship at a radio station looks great on resumes for other fields in the industry or outside of it as well!

    How to Get Started

    To get started as a radio board operator, it’s important to understand all of the knowledge and specialized skills it takes to do so. One of the best ways to begin gaining experience is by enrolling in a good school or education system you ensure the best and most current knowledge and technology information for entering the workplace and job market. Showing a general interest in technology and sound equipment is a good start as well, and maybe applying to intern part-time at any local radio shows nearby. Most businesses and radio stations, however, look for education to show a deep interest in turning radio board operator job into a long-term career. We are the Ohio, Illinois, Colorado or Miami Media Schools, and have locations nationwide including the schools of the Be On air Network in Colorado, that offers a plethora of classes and courses across various careers in the field. If becoming a Radio Board Operator appeals to you, We have courses specialized in the various areas of radio board operation and current technology to ensure students are fully prepared to enter into their careers with the best job opportunities possible. Check out our education information today and sign up to begin your career as a Radio Board Operator! [gravityform id='21' title='true' description='true'] " target="_blank">

The Top Five Chicago Cubs Broadcasters in History

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
Nothing says Chicago sports broadcasting quite like Cubs announcers. Throughout history, these men have...
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    1. Harry Caray: Harry has to be the all-time fan favorite. Famous for the phrase “Holy Cow!” along with his thick black glasses and enthusiastically singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh-inning stretch, Caray started his broadcasting career in the 1950s, but didn’t start with the Cubs. He actually bounced around broadcasting for a few different MLB teams before he landed his job with the Chicago team. Harry’s WGN TV broadcasts became a thing of legend, as they were shown nationwide, and he helped the Cubs create and cement the fan base they have today. A testament to Carry’s influence is his statue outside of Wrigley Field.
    2. Jack Brickhouse: Brickhouse covered a number of sports during his career, but was most famous for his TV coverage of both the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs on WGN. Brickhouse, like Caray, was known for his catchphrases: “Look out now!” “Oh, brother!” and so on. Brickhouse started with WGN in 1948 and was at the forefront of a number of new broadcasting innovations. Brickhouse had called over 5,000 MLB games at the time of his retirement.
    3. Vince Lloyd: Lloyd became an announcer by accident; the announcer in the position previously, Jack Quinlan, died in a car accident during spring training that year, 1965. Previously, Lloyd had been a sidekick to Brickhouse.  His famous 'Holy mackerel!' got him noticed, and earned him his own fan club.
    4. Steve Stone: While Steve did leave the Cubs and move to the White Sox, he’s still a Cubs’ fan favorite. He broadcasted 21 seasons for the Cubs and taught fans about baseball strategy. He even filled in while Harry Caray was out during 1987 after a stroke. He worked with celebrities with ease and was smooth as silk on air.
    5. Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies: While two separate men, the team of Kasper and Deshaies are a new Cubs’ fan favorite. They are a knowledgeable team with a sly wit and plenty of humor in their play-by-play calling. The two men consistently rank as fan favorites today.

    Media Schools

    Are you ready to become one Chicago’s finest broadcasters? Contact our Chicago Broadcasting Schools today and see what you can become with the right education and training! [gravityform id='21' title='true' description='true'] " target="_blank">
Mixing the news

What Can I Do With A Broadcasting Degree?

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
A broadcasting degree offers you the opportunity to pursue a multitude of interesting and...
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Broadcasting Careers

  • Reporter: A reporter is a key part of any news broadcast, and as you well know, not every reporter has the same job. Some reporters cover breaking news, others sports and some entertainment.
  • TV Director: If you enjoy being behind the scenes, a director can be an interesting and challenging career. As a director, you guide the overall look, sound, feel and quality standards of the show. Working alongside technical crew, writers and talent, directors serve an important leadership position.
  • Radio DJ: While much of broadcasting is focused on television, radio remains an important field for both news and entertainment. Radio DJs, much like reporters, have a great variety in what they do, ranging from hosting morning shows to reporting on hard news.
  • Promotion Director: A promotion director works to promote a radio or news station through a combination of marketing and community outreach, such as event sponsorships, charities, events and more.
  • Writer: Scripts are a vital part of any news broadcast. A good writer organizes the important topics of the day to assure that reporters and lead anchors can report the news in an organized and logical way. News can be quite complex and hard to follow, so a good writer is essential to focus the story on relevant information.
  • Video And Audio Editors: Editors are a necessary part of broadcast and radio. Much like writers need a good editor, broadcast television and radio require the same to create a cohesive and polished product.
  • Production Crew: No broadcast could go on the air without a production crew. Positions such as camera operators, audio, lighting and videography are an essential and highly technical part of any broadcast.
  • Marketing And Sales: Not all broadcast degree holders work directly with show production, many work in marketing and advertising. Commercial marketing itself is a varied field with ads being created for radio, broadcast, websites and streaming services.
Woman Working As Radio DJ Live In Studio A degree offers you a great deal of flexibility in your career choices. If you’re interested in a broadcasting job, a strong educational foundation is a must. Our Media Schools offer the type of education and job training needed to become successful in broadcasting. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities we offer and how we can help you build your career. [gravityform id='21' title='true' description='true'] " target="_blank">

Top Female Sports Broadcasters

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
Updated: September 2022 The world of sports broadcasting has been traditionally a male-dominated one...
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8 Experts Tips for Filming Night Scenes – Be on Air

8 Experts Tips for Filming Night Scenes

  • Posted by M&S Media Schools
  • On September 8, 2022
Capturing the magic of the night takes skill and experience, and learning how to...
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Social Media Trends (1)

Emerging Media Trends in Advertising

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 30, 2022
By definition, “emerging media trends” are the new trends dominating the world of advertising...
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  • By definition, “emerging media trends” are the new trends dominating the world of advertising at any given time. And because the world of media moves at such a fast and furious pace, these trends are always changing - and then, some are here to stay. Media trends are shaped by how people use, enjoy, and incorporate various forms of media in their everyday lives. This information helps advertisers better understand how, where, and when to reach their target market. For example, research shows that 80% of U.S. social media users log on at least once a day, with almost 60% using their preferred platforms multiple times a day. If you’re in the business of marketing, recognizing social media as an important player can make or break your next advertising campaign. If you’ve ever thought about a career in media or advertising, staying on top of the latest trends is a must. Here are a few of the biggest trends advertising and media have been seeing recently:

    Live Streaming is Dominating the Industry.

    You might be surprised that the large majority of consumers would much rather watch a live streaming video than read a blog or social media update, specifically when it comes to branded content. Or this might not be shocking to you at all because most of us consume a large amount of streaming video content on a regular basis. Live streaming content earns nearly 30% more watch time per viewing when compared to standard video on demand (Conviva). Also, more than 50% of all consumers say that they would like to see more video content from the brands they support. For marketers, that means that the time to get involved with live streaming is now.

    Instagram Stories is Conquering Snapchat.

    It used to be that Snapchat was the king of short-form video content, but now, that crown has been passed to Instagram. Instagram Stories debuted in 2016 in an effort to compete with the then-popular Snapchat platform. Now, Snapchat seems to have been left in the dust, as a much higher number of people turn to Instagram Stories instead. This translates to a valuable opportunity for brands and businesses to connect with consumers via Instagram Stories and ads. Developing relevant, engaging content for Instagram Stories is an effective way to expand advertising reach.

    Automation is the Way of the Future.

    For any business, keeping up with social media is a full-time job. Not only is it imperative that a steady stream of new, original social media content be developed, but a social media team also has to monitor campaign performance, develop targeted content, and more. Plus, responding to and engaging with other social media users is important but can quickly become an overwhelming task. That’s where automation comes in. A growing number of businesses rely on AI to interact with users on social media. These “chatbots” can answer questions, gather information, and provide basic information; if needed, they can connect a user with a real-life representative for further assistance.

    AR and VR Might Finally Get Their Moment.

    Even though augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) aren’t exactly new, they have only recently started to gain traction. We all use AR every time we try out the newest filter or special effect on TikTok, but these technologies are now expanding into marketing in new ways. Marketers can now get creative with tools such as 360-degree video content, as well as interactive, branded experiences using VR. It presents a unique way to stand out in a competitive market, catching consumer attention and delivering a first-rate experience.

    How to Get Your Dream Job in Media

    Are you interested in working in the fields of media or advertising? In a constantly evolving industry, these types of careers can offer an exciting and fulfilling future - but first, you’ll need a media-centric education. At the Beonair Network of Media Schools, with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, our Media Sales & Marketing program provides a comprehensive perspective on digital marketing, new media branding, and more. Whether you’re a recent graduate or someone who wants to further their current career, it’s an ideal program for building new skills and expanding your breadth of experiences. From commercial writing and sales presentation to social media marketing and analytics, you’ll cover a diverse range of critical topics in today’s media and marketing sphere. If you’re wondering how to get a job in marketing or media, enrolling in the right school is an excellent first step. Learn more about our program and how we can support your goals when you contact us today!
    Image By Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock
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Social Media (1)

Social Media Branding Strategies & Tips

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 30, 2022
Social media has become one of the most vital branding and marketing tools available,...
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Media Sales (1)

What Is Media Sales?

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 30, 2022
If you’ve recently spent any amount of time searching for a job, you might...
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Media (1)

What Is New Media?

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 30, 2022
Have you ever heard the term “new media” and wondered what it meant? And...
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Animation (1)

The Best Software for Animators

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 30, 2022
If you’re searching for the best animation software, there’s a wide variety of options...
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  • If you’re searching for the best animation software, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. Of course, there’s not necessarily just one animating program that is the best of the best - largely because we all have our own preferences. So, we’ve put together a list of several of the best programs for animation to help you find your perfect match. If you want to get serious about animation - and maybe even work towards an animation career - investing in premium software could be your best bet. Some premium animation programs require just a one-time purchase, while others use monthly subscription plans. The good news is that most offer free trials, so you can test a few options to see which ones you like the most.

    Adobe Character Animator

    Even though it’s one of the newest members of the Adobe software family, Adobe Character Animator has already made a fantastic impression on users. With this tool, you can create animated cartoon characters in real-time, using your movements to develop the animations. Plug in your microphone and camera, import one of the animation characters, and get started. Features:
    • Automatic lip syncing and animation
    • Support for live-streaming
    • Streamlined recording/editing
    • A wide range of animation options
    Pricing: Available for a 7-day free trial, billed annually (starting at $19.99 and up) after that.

    Cartoon Animator 4

    If you’ve heard of CrazyTalk Animator 3, Cartoon Animator 4 is its updated and refreshed version. This versatile program is equally useful for beginners and professionals, largely because so many options and functions are available. You can either create customized characters or work with characters from the database, using varied motion templates for your animation. There are also many advanced features, so you have the power to develop professional-quality animations. Features:
    • Large library of pre-made characters and motion templates
    • 4K video support
    • A variety of tools for 2D characters, talking heads, and animation
    • Live facial motion capture
    • Supports most popular video/image formats
    Pricing: Available for a free 30-day trial, then starting at $99 (bundle discounts are available).

    Stop Motion Studio

    For anyone interested in stop motion animation, Stop Motion Studio is a fabulous option. Ideal for beginners, it sets you up with a frame-by-frame editor that’s equipped with an impressive set of features. You’ll be able to develop 4K stop-motion animations and add 2D-style drawings directly onto images. Plus, this animation app is compatible with all Apple and Android devices so that you can take your creativity on the go. Features:
    • 4K Ultra HD
    • DSLR camera support
    • Green screen option, background library
    • Grid/onion-skinning options
    • Sound effects, paint tools, etc.Pricing: $4.99 for mobile devices, $9.99 for Mac/Windows.

    DigiCel FlipBook

    If 2-D animations are your primary focus, DigiCel FlipBook is a beginner-friendly program that you’re sure to enjoy. Affordable and easy to use, this program lets you work with stop motion animation and traditional 2D animation. You can scan in paper drawings or draw directly in the program itself, a level of flexibility you won’t get with every program. Features:
    • Lip sync support
    • Work on one frame or multiple frames at a time
    • Import/export functionality
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices
    Pricing: Free version (includes watermark), or $19.99 to $99.99 (depending on the version).

    Moho (Anime Studio) Debut

    If you’re a seasoned animation pro, you will want to consider Moho (Anime Studio) Pro. But for beginners and hobbyists, the Debut version is a great place to start. The interface is thoughtfully crafted and easy to figure out, and you’ll get a well-rounded selection of tools to hone your skills. When ready, you can upgrade to Pro and gain an entirely new suite of features. Features:
    • Windows and Mac compatible
    • Advanced freehand animation tools
    • Tablet support
    • Animated effects, brushes, etc.
    • Support for layered PSD and images
    Pricing: Available for a free 30-day trial, $59.99 to purchase after that.

    Start Creating a Career You Love Now

    Are you an aspiring animator that wants to take your skills to the next level? One of the best ways to further your career and refine your talent is to complete a media-focused training and education program. At the Beonair Network of Media Schools, with campuses located in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, and Ohio, students can choose from a diverse range of media career training programs. One of our newest offerings is Digital Media Production, which provides a comprehensive perspective on media creation, publication, marketing, and so much more. It’s an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into your interests and passions, all while building essential expertise in the field. Get more information about how to become an animator when you contact our team today!
    Image By Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock.com
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Rising Star Duke Antczak

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 11, 2022
#RisingStar “My opportunities started with a phone call from Ohio Media School Career Services...
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Rising Star David Caravea

  • Posted by Media Schools
  • On August 11, 2022
#followyourpassion David Caravea was seeking a new direction in his life and decided to...
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