Interested in Sports Broadcasting?

You’ve watched the games. You’ve listened to the announcers. You’ve probably even thought to yourself, “I’m sure I’d be good at that.” You are not alone.

The competition for sports broadcaster jobs is fierce, and the candidate who succeeds will need the unbeatable advantage of understanding the ways in which the sports industry really operates.

What is a Sports Broadcaster?

It is a person who reports on athletic events via webcast, radio or television. Within the field, the exact type of broadcasting can vary. Sportscasters who specialize in providing running commentary can be one of two types, and the majority of modern sporting events will feature them both. They include: the play-by-play announcers who supply the continuing narrative that runs as a common thread throughout the event, and the color commentators who provide background information about the event’s participants, rules and history.

In addition to real-time narration, sports announcers also contribute pregame and postgame coverage to give fans the insider knowledge that they’ve come to enjoy and expect.

Any fledgling sports broadcaster who hopes to succeed at this attractive career needs to understand the intricate ways in which the industry actually works and thinks. There are tricks to this trade, and before you can ever get a foot in the door, you’ll have to learn them. That’s what sports broadcasting schools are all about. The sports broadcasting program will help you acquire the trifecta of factors that every sportscaster needs to possess: talent, enthusiasm, and education.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Broadcasting
  • Fundamentals of Editing and Studio Operations
  • Career Development
  • TV and Video Production
  • Story Writing and the Art of Language
  • Radio and Web Production
  • Sales, Promotions, Marketing and Ratings
  • Internet Marketing and Web Analytics
  • News Reporting and Production
  • Audition Media Production
  • Sports and Entertainment Media Production
  • Internships

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