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Ohio Media School-Cincinnati

Where Broadcasting Careers Begin

Our Cincinnati campus provides our diverse student body with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Through our multiple studios, classrooms, and video and audio editing stations, you’ll develop the necessary skills to chart your own media career path while living in a vibrant, booming city.

In fact, we believe that access to the greater Cincinnati community is one of the true benefits of attending. Beyond the low cost of living and massive brewery and food scene, you’ll also find wonderful park spaces and historic architecture that make the city one-of-a-kind. No matter who you are, you’ll find something for you in the Queen City.

Join our Practical Media Programs in Cincinnati, Ohio

Since we opened in 1988, the Cincinnati Campus has successfully produced many local and national personalities. Don Juan Fo’Sho, Dan Carroll, Bruce Davis, and Solomon Wilcots all took their first steps into the broadcasting industry by choosing our program. Our 8 month, hands-on technical training gives you a step-by-step career path and the tools you’ll need to give you the competitive edge in this highly competitive field.

Winner of the ACCSC School of Distinction Award in 2013.



Our 8-month hands-on, real-world technical training gives our students the tools they need to be competitive in todays’ industry. Our core program gives you the opportunity to experience the industry as it is today. Taught by working professionals and guided by experienced career services advisors, students are fully trained and prepared to enter the broadcasting industry with minimal on-the-job training.



Selling any show or new act can be difficult, and our Media School has the modules you need to learn to market to your target audience Our Web Enhanced Marketing module goes hand in hand with our more standard Use of Content Management Systems course. Our students start learning how to construct a successful sales package from day one in our Media School’s television broadcasting program, giving them a valuable edge over the competition.



Any fledgling sports broadcaster who hopes to succeed at this attractive career needs to understand the intricate ways in which the industry actually works and thinks. There are tricks to this trade, and before you can ever get a foot in the door, you’ll have to learn them. That’s what sports broadcasting schools are all about. The sports broadcasting program will help you acquire the trifecta of factors that every sportscaster needs to possess: talent, enthusiasm, and education.



The 8 month Digital Media Production program prepares an individual to gain entry level employment in the media industry. Students learn the art, craft, and technology of audio production, digital video production, web development and social media. The program offers hands-on production experience coupled with a strong theoretical foundation taught by working professionals and guided by experienced career services advisors.

Hands-On Training

“Learn by Doing” is the School’s style. We know that there is no substitute for operating the tools of broadcasting under the direction of broadcast professionals. The classes and studio sessions are run with the same professional informality that is found throughout the broadcast industry.

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Take the first step toward achieving your dream career in the exciting field of media by applying to the Media Schools today. Our campuses offer financial assistance for those who qualify, as we firmly believe that career dreams should be attainable for everyone. If you have any questions about our programs or locations, simply contact our offices for more information. No matter your needs, we’ll help to ensure that you are capable of attaining the career you’ve been dreaming of!

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A Beautiful Location in
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Ohio Media School Facility is located in Cincinnati and is accessible to all major highways. The School has a fully equipped TV Studio and Master Control Room, in addition to five video editing stations. There are 2 classrooms with seating for 18 students and an instructor podium. Each classroom has a TV monitor wired to the audio studios. There are eight radio studios on campus. An entrance is readily accessible for the handicapped. Special parking areas are also designated for those with special needs.

4411 Montgomery Rd. Suite 200 Norwood, OH 45212

Living in Cincinnati

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Cincinnati is its cost of living. Unlike other major cities, it’s pretty inexpensive to live here. U.S. News and World Report ranked Cincinnati as the 13th most affordable city to live in 2020 and 2021. This makes the city not only an excellent place to live but a place you may decide to set your roots.

Despite its relative inexpensiveness, you won’t be lacking amenities. You can keep your taste buds occupied and invigorated through the city’s wide array of restaurants and breweries. Ranging from the massive to the niche, your options mean you’ll always have a place to celebrate, dine, and meet up with friends.

Cincinnati sits solidly in the Midwest. With that, people often infer a lack of diversity within the population. That’s not the case with the Queen City. Each neighborhood comes with its own unique culture, and it’s worth it to spend a day getting lost in each one. There’s the posh Hyde Park, the hip Northside, and the bursting-with-activity at The Banks. This gives you plenty of living options and places to explore.

Finally, those that like to explore new cities will find Cincinnati’s closeness to other metropolitan areas appealing. Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville all sit within a two-hour drive. This makes it easy to take a day trip or spend a long weekend in a new place with its own culture and recreational activities.

Things to Do in Cincinnati

Due to all this talk about the breweries in Cincinnati, perhaps no better activity gets you better acquainted with the local scene than taking a brewery tour. Many of the breweries lean German-themed due to the city’s heritage, but if that’s not your preference, a tour can introduce you to all the niche spots, too.

Whether you prefer beer or not, sports fans will also find a home here. For instance, the city has a long baseball history, starting with the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. The more modern Cincinnati Reds started just over a decade later and have won five World Series since inception.

Football fans will have fun, at times, cheering the NFL’s Bengals. Soccer has also proven to inspire residents since FC Cincinnati was formed in 2019. There’s also a variety of major colleges within the city and nearby, such as the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and Miami University, whose athletic teams are deserving of mention.

The thing that surprises new residents the most is the abundance of lush outdoor space, like the Cincinnati Nature Center, Glenwood Gardens, and Sharon Woods. You’ll find parks and preserves that allow you to immerse yourself in nature, as well as hiking paths for both the novice and expert.

Discover Your Media Career in Cincinnati

The city of Cincinnati truly has something to inspire everyone. Whether it’s learning at our campus, exploring new neighborhoods, or dining around town, Cincinnati offers plenty of reasons to make it your home for the near future.


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