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Media & Broadcasting Internships for Professional Experience

At the BeOnAir Network of Media Schools, learning is never limited to the classroom. 

Our media internship program is designed to open the door to an array of professional learning opportunities, building an invaluable bridge between classroom content and your future career. It’s not enough to simply read about what it’s like to work in the media industry – you need to be able to actually get into a production studio or station to discover what it’s actually like.

What to Expect from a Production/Radio/Broadcast Media Internship

Our internship program is counted as credit towards the completion of your specific degree or certificate, with varying credits/hours associated with each program path. The goal of the program is to empower students to apply their learning and newly-developed skills in an authentic professional setting, in order to learn more about what it takes to work in media.

First, you’ll be responsible for creating a personalized internship plan. With the assistance of our career support staff and/or instructors, you can consider various internship opportunities that align with your goals and focus area. Because we offer a variety of media education programs, there are many different internship positions to align with different study topics and career paths – so your future is in your hands!

Depending on the program you choose, you may even be able to complete more than one internship. Many of our programs incorporate two internships to complement courses in broadcasting, editing, branding, writing, production, and career readiness.

Where Can I Get a Media Internship?

As a well-established educational institution, we have built excellent relationships with respected media companies across the U.S. In addition to radio, production, and TV internships with our professional partners, students can also gain course credit for interning at our on-campus recording studios and stations. 

Students at our various campuses have completed internships and educational projects at many well-known companies, including:

  • iHeartMedia
  • Clear Channel Communications
  • ESPN affiliates
  • FOX affiliates
  • Palm Beach Broadcasting
  • Local television and radio stations

Chicago media internships

Searching for media internships in Chicago? Check out our campus in the Windy City to find out what opportunities we have to offer.

Cleveland media internships

For TV, film, and radio internships in Cleveland, our campus is an excellent starting point.

Columbus media internships

Find out how to intern at a radio station, TV network, or another media company in Columbus when you enroll at one of our Ohio media schools.

Cincinnati media internships

If a Cincinnati broadcast media internship is among your future goals, we can help connect you with great opportunities that align with your interests.

O’Hare media internships

For media industry internships in O’Hare, IL, our students can choose from an impressive variety of options.

Colorado media internships

Wondering where to find radio and TV internships in Colorado? Our CO campus partners with many local media companies to open doors for our students.

Miami media internships

Students at our Miami campus can apply for broadcasting, production, and TV internships in Miami and the surrounding area.

Benefits of Interning in Media

So, are internships so important? Although choosing an education and training program is key, strengthening your professional experience is just as valuable. There are many different benefits to internships, including advantages that will continue to serve you well into the future.

Internships allow you to expand your understanding of your future career field in a setting that’s completely different from the classroom. You won’t just be learning about how to use a camera or record a podcast; you’ll actually get to do those things yourself. 

During your internship, you can discover new interests and passions that you might not have found otherwise. For example, maybe while you’re interning at a local news station, you realize that you really enjoy the sports segment. This might lead you to explore careers in sports broadcasting, and you might just end up with an incredible job you would never have considered before.

Internships are also an outstanding opportunity to network and begin building vital professional connections, which are incredibly important in any industry – but especially the highly competitive world of media. You can meet future professional mentors, connect with individuals that could recommend you for a job, or even encounter your future supervisor.

Finally, an internship is one way to get a job in media. We can’t promise that every internship will evolve into a full-time career, but there are many that do. 

Learn How to Get a Media Industry Internship Today

Are you ready to find the internship of your dreams and start working towards the career you’ve always wanted? At the BeOnAir Network of Media Schools, our goal is to make your educational journey a positive learning experience from beginning to end – and of course, to prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to secure a job you love.

When you enroll at one of our campuses, you can be confident that you’re choosing a media school that values real-world experiences and classroom learning. Here, you can truly pursue a path that suits your unique passions, interests, and goals.

For more information about available media internships in Miami, Chicago, Colorado, Ohio, and Illinois, contact us today!

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