Caesar Perez, Producer WBBM AM 780 CBS Radio Chicago

Caesar Perez, Producer WBBM AM 780 CBS Radio Chicago

Well first off I want to thank all the staff at ICB who helped me make my dream become a reality.

When I first came and visited the campus I remember looking at letters just like this from other former students and hoping that I could one day write my own.

One year after graduating from ICB here I am doing just that! I am happy to say that I am working as a producer for WBBM AM 780 here in Chicago. I am also very happy to say that I honestly love my job!! Going to work in beautiful downtown Chicago every day for one of the best stations in the country is truly a dream come true.

I couldn’t have done it without ICB and I am very happy that I made the choice to attend your great school. I must admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning but when you guys finally convinced me to enroll I quickly realized that ICB was everything that I had been looking for. Mr. Finney helped me gain my internship at ESPN Radio AM 1000 and that’s when I realized that you truly get what you put in at ICB. I went through many nights of only sleeping four or five hours while working a part-time ups midnight shift, going to school at ICB full time and working at ESPN four nights a week.

Looking back I am not even sure how I did it. It was all worth it though as I am know working in the third largest market in the country and loving what I do. Every hour of lost sleep and every lousy check were worth it. ICB truly is everything that they say they are. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your schools help and I am very happy that I attended it.

I guess the last thing I will leave any student, if any, who reads this letter, is YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN. It truly is all at your finger tips at ICB but it is up to you to work hard and put in the time it takes to be successful once you graduate.